Virginia State Rep. Nominee Pushed ‘After-School Satan Club’ And Has A Fixation On The ‘Demonic’ (

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Blind Gill
Blind Gill
7 months ago

A lot of this around.

Not familiar with Jonathan Pageau – appeared at that stupid ARC conference which…they must learn without a footing with the Lord is doomed to failure… but they need to be seen to “do” something. Anyhoo this guy is Roman Catholic I think- possibly Eastern Orthodox – he creates EO iconography.

I was interested in this one as it reminded of the one above.

7 months ago

Notice the pentagram star
I swear I’ve seen it somewhere else. Oh yeah
. It’s a magic charm and stuck on the Jewish flag which they wrap all the dead bodies in and assign a rabbi who does some magical wizard words to use death energy over the pentagram covered body bag/casket.