The one eye sign is all over these figurines


Which one has the coolest details?! • #skullpanda #skullpanda☠️🐼 #blindbox #blindboxes #blindboxcase #popmart #popmartglobal #popmartus #popmartunboxing #fyp

♬ High sense Deep House - NAO-K

Also they’re cute but if you think about it, slightly concerning/creepy that they’re toddler-shaped and wearing diapers yet sexualised with pouty lips and makeup. A bit Pretty Baby-esque 

What do you think?

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Kassaundra King
Kassaundra King
15 days ago

Incredibly creeeeepy!!!!!!! How Are those things Looked at As Cute????? They Look sickening, Like they’re Abused babies Almost!!!!!!!!?????