The Lifting of The Veil – Part 2

Almost no fiction today refer to a lifting of the veil as described in Part 1 except one of the best-selling manga series of all time called Berserk. Because it is a manga, it might have flown under the radar of many people but it deserves its proper post as it is an unknown occult ‘masterpiece’.  



The manga is set in a medieval Europe-inspired dark fantasy world extremely violent and gore, there is literally no Christian morality in this world and rape, incest, pedophilia, torture and human sacrifice are all too common. The author depraved mind had absolutely no boundaries when creating this fiction.

  • There is a clear satanic inversion trough the manga as angels/prophets/godhand/apostles are all satanic demons. 
  • The main god is an egregore of all evil intentions in the world. 
  • The godhand motto is literally “Do as thou wilt” (Reference to satanist Aleister Crowley). 
  • The godhand’s apostles attained power by sacrificing their loved ones and humanity .  
  • Apostles must make pacts with the devil to become godlike (using a beherit – the Syriac word for satan). 
  • The church called Holy See (Catholic church reference) is rotten to the core. 
  • All of the actual good guys are dark/black anti-heroes/witches motivated by vengeance. 
  • The main hero make a constant one-eye sign as one of his eyes was crushed.
  • The eclipses are literal black mass where rapes and sacrifices are made by demons.
  • A woman regress her mind to a childlike state after participating to a black mass (MK Ultra reference).
  • Baphomet is even represented as the great goat who presided over a heretical cult.
  • The manga magic system is actually derived from the teachings of hermetism, alchemy, the golden dawn and kabbalah. Practices of astral projection, invocation of the 4 elemental deities (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) etc…
  • Many many more satanic and occult references…

In short, the world of Berserk is a satanic dream.

Let’s talk about the author before digging into the story.

Kentaro Miura

Kentaro Miura died recently at the age of 54 Y-old officially of an acute aortic dissection. He admitted to have used as a reference esoteric and occult knowledge for his manga. The artwork of the manga is often so amazingly drawn and detailed that it is considered beyond ordinary by many. There is no doubt that Kentaro was heavy into occultism and his manga has many hidden messages. It is also possible that this manga was channeled by a demon trough Kentaro but nothing can prove this hypothesis at this point.

The Lifting of The Veil in Berserk

In the volume 34, a worldwide event happen called the Great Roar of the Astral World which brings about the merging of the Physical World and Astral World into one.  The merging of the 2 world result in astral creatures entering into the world of man. 

Regarding the astral world, it is said that in the past humans were able to keenly perceive and interact with astral entities, even erecting shrines in reverence of certain spirits but due to widespread propagation of Holy See doctrine (Catholic church), people stop believing in the ethereal beings and consequently rendered unable to perceive spirits of the Astral World. 

In our world, late pagans erected temples to demons and performed many gruesome rituals in their honor but thanks to Christianity, people generally started to reject those evil practice. This effectively put an end to the deception as the demons didn’t have anymore legal rights to appear.  Nowadays, some demons still appear to hardcore satanists during satanic rituals as they have legal rights to do so in order to deceive them even more (You get what you wish for, you will pay the price on Judgment Day).

Major things happened following the event in the manga:

Magical creatures (demons) were unleashed on earth in physical form wrecking havoc and killing absolutely everything they saw, some even constantly rape humans like the trolls. Most demons prey upon humans.

Some demons ‘befriended’ and protected humans following the orders of the main antagonist Griffith, an apostle of the Godhand (Kind of like an anti-Christ figure).  Those demons appeared to be peaceful at least on the surface and fought the demons preying upon humans. (Similarly today some Ufologists believe there are good aliens (Nordic, Pleiadian) and evil aliens (Reptilian, Greys) fighting a war for the sake of humanity). 

A city called Falconia surfaced as if from thin air following the ‘Great Roar of the Astral World’, and it is said to serve as the sole safe haven for humanity. Humanity being driven out of the land due to the evil demons preying on them are forced to live in this city very close to the ‘peaceful’ demons (Kind of like a New World Order smart city in a sense).               


Unfortunately the manga is not achieved yet so we don’t know what will happen next but my 2 cents is there will be a giant black mass during an eclipse at the city of Falconia where all the ‘peaceful’ demons will show their true nature and kill everyone. Kentaro Miura gave his instructions on how to finish the manga and his team are continuing the series so time will tell.

It is obvious that Berserk is satanic in the strict sense of the term to anyone knowledgeable on the subject. It could be a blueprint for a future lifting of the veil but it seems too far-fetched to deduce this at this point in time. Nothing of this subject is clearly defined and explained in the Bible so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

What do you think?

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3 months ago

Um… OK.

3 months ago

Falconia – Horus is a falcon and an antichrist figure. The crowned and conquering child.

3 months ago

if evil gets the upper hand this is the picture – sh1t and p1ss in the world of liberated animal instincts, good one my brother, i will not watch this filthy cartoon but this was good information