Eazy-E's "Creep N Crawl" (single, circa 1996)

Eric Wright, better known as “Eazy-E”, a native of Compton, CA died at just 30 years old in 1995 from complication of HIV/AIDS.

A founding member of the notorious rap group “N.W.A.”; dubbed the “Godfather of Gangsta Rap”, he rose to fame after the break up of the rap group and founded Ruthless Records alongside Jerry Heller.

After his death, it became more apparent that he pledged allegiance to satan.  There are many rederences to his affiliation to satanism.  This was strongly supported from his second and final album ” Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton”.  Released posthumously in 1996, just TEN months after his death, it featured an intro track titled “First Power” that was quite interesting and equally disturbing, the lyrics from states:

“First Power”

“I am the ressurection and the life. He who believes in me, though he
dies, yet shall relive, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never
die… (shutup, b***h). Fear not them which kill the body, rather fear Him
which is able to destroy both body and soul in Hell. Get thee behind me
Satan and push me along.”

“All this power I will give thee, if thou therefore wilt worship me.
All shall be thine…”

“Come with me b***h as we go through the door, backwards. Heaven in art
which Father our, Our Father which art in Heaven… (hey muthaphukka!)
See ya `round, buddy boy.”

He openly mocks the Bible scripture and taunts Father God at the same time saying a line from “the Lord’s Prayer” in reverse.  In this track, which is an intro into the album, he flirts with the idea of “goind bad” and pledges allegiance to satan himself.  One might be wondering “well, he’s just playing!” Well, satanism was not common ground for this genre of music and it is quite strange he would affiliate satanic themes into his music even though his prior work showed none, aside from the violence.  

Another odd fact is, again this album was released just TEN months after his death.  The number TEN in occult numerology is telling, from Occult Numerology – An Introduction to the Sacred Science of Numbers:

The number Ten:

The Decad, or number ten meant ‘all complete’ or fully accomplished’ with the Pythagoreans. It is the grand summit of numbers, which once reached cannot be passed; to increase the sum we must retrograde to the monad. It was further called ‘Deity’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Eternity’ and the ‘Sun’. As we discussed previously in our review of the Tetractys, ten is the sum of the units of the number four, a holy and Deistic number, thus 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 are 10, and thus ten gains splendour from its parentage.

Pythagoras called ten ‘the fountain of eternal nature,’ because if we take the half, five as the middle number, and add together the next above and the next below, viz., 6 and 4, we make 10, and the next two in a similar manner, 7 and 3, also make 10; and so do 8 and 2 and 9 and 1. All nations reckon by the Decimal scale of notation.

In the album cover for the single “Creel N Crawl”, Eazy-E is featured in green inside the pyramid with a red glow surrounded by the phrase: “Be Silent And Seek The Darkness, Leave None Alive To Tell The Tale”.

The color RED in witchcraft and satanism, according to Color Representation in Satanic Witchcraft:

RED – symbolized by the energy of Mars, [also, Aries]. It represents the element of Fire. The color red can represent anger, rage, blood, desire, lust, passion, and the energy of action. It can also represent leadership or influence. For Satanists, a spell performed with the color red, can represent sexual desire, revenge, and aggressive magic. It is also useful as a focus of the will and to remove obstacles.

GREEN – symbolized by the energies and influence of Venus [also, Taurus and Libra]. It represents the element of Earth. The color green used in spell work can represent gains in wealth, increase, accumulation, security and new beginnings. For Satanists, using green in spell work can bring you a monetary or situational benefit. You can also use this color for spells of beauty and renewal.

Red glow around a pyramid symbolizes “leadership” or “influence” and Eric Wright in green symbolizes monetary gains and “accumulation”.   I dont know but, sounds like a sacrifice to me!

His death has been the talk of conspiracy for years, with Suge Knight, a rival producer and even Jerry Heller himself, his business partner, having taken part in orchestrating his demise.

Mission accomplished.  All complete.

Added note:

This single was released in 1996.  A subtle nod to 666.  It is interesting for sure!  I am sure more tid bits can be had if one takes the time to really dig further, but the smell of the demon turd is all it takes for me!

Can anyone recognize the symbols surrounding the pyramid?

What do you think?

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3 months ago

I’m pretty sure the symbols around the pyramid is a map of Compton.

Ted Franke
Ted Franke
3 months ago

I have this album and was a fan of Eazy-E and NWA/Ruthless records. Ruthless record albums had a darker feel to them than Deathrow. Eazy-E was the producer of Bone Thugs, which incorporated supernatural elements in their music, supposedly copied, or in write lingo “bitten”, from
the Memphis TN group Triple-Six Mafia aka Three-Six Mafia and its record label Prophet. I think some of his works with acts like Bone Thugs and Above The Law rubbed off on his last album.

2 months ago
Reply to  Ted Franke

Three Six Mafia (also known as triple six mafia, but more commonly, the former, rather than the latter) copied OFF of Bone-ThugsN Harmony. Bone’s member, Bizzy Bone, spoke with annoyance, regarding this. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a small article on VC’s MAIN site (, that features the Rapper–Bizzy Bone, throwing Holy water onto the members of Three Six Mafia–most–if not all members (of Three Six Mafia) were/are the children of preachers (Christian pastors’ kids, who are known for having issues with wildness and rebellion. Pastors’ kids, not necessarily those particular pastors’ children, however of all things to associate themselves with…their group name…?)

Anyway, my point was that no, the rap group made up of pastors’ kids (sigh & sadly), Three Six Mafia, came AFTER Eazy E’s HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL, GROUND BREAKING, musical Rap group, Bone Thugs N Harmony. Their impossibly fast style of rapping (while harmonizing and singing), would go on to be mimicked by some (Three Six Mafia, Twista, not too sure about the beyond incredibly talented Rapper–Busta Rhymes–but, regardless NO ONE that I personally knew of, had rapped like that–not even CLOSE!

What I THOUGHT you were going to mention though, was the occult (Satanic…whether they felt that way or not at the time, I’m not sure) stuff in their cover art (?), music videos (which, as someone said, this was NOT COMMON for Rap Music–as most Rap Music was designed to appeal to Black American youth, who were predominantly Christian. It was no big deal back then, to feature a Christian song at the end of a Rap album, or Black-made, Pop Music album. The rapper, MC Hammer (I believe who was and/or identifies as Christian had a song with the chorus: That’s why we pray (PRAY!)! Pray (PRAY!)–We’ve got to PRAY, just to make it today!” He also had an old Christian song sung in Black American Churches (I can’t recall which one, sorry!) on an album, because I remember an elder, Black American relative, who grew up REGULARLY attending church in their formative years, disliking MC Hammer’s take or remix, OF said song. However, I liked it (not necessarily being familiar with the original version of the Gospel song, most likely).

Also, the R&B musical group, Xscape, introduced me to the Black American, sister Gospel group song, “Is My Living in Vain?” on one of THEIR albums, and though I try to stay away from singing any of the secular (clean/radio edit) album version’s songs, with other secular music (though I’ve been failing more frequently in this resolve of late, SADLY!), I LOVE, am THANKFUL FOR, and sing Xscape’s version of The Clark Sisters’ song, “Is My Living in Vain?” ’til THIS DAY! I LOVE IT!

For one more off of the top of my head example, one of the Black American Pop musical group–Destiny’s Child–from whence the Pop Singer, Beyonce, grew her fan base from, originally, had a medley of Christian songs(?) as the closing to one of their albums, sung in Acapella. I will provide the lyrics, as best I can remember them here:

“Thank YOU…LORD, Hallelujah! You’ve BEEN so, good to Me-e-e-eee! Thank YOU…LORD–Hallelujah–I’m GRATEFUL for my BLES-sings! I’m grateful for, my tri-ALS–trials and tribulations I’ve been through….

I REA-lize, that NO ONE, can love-me-LIKE, You DO!”

And the song continues from there.

Anyway, back to Bone (Easy E’s Rap Musical group) though:

Eazy E, I take it, discovered the young Rappers, and signed them to his existing music label, Ruthless Records, or created the entire music label AROUND them, or BECAUSE of them–no clue! Regardless, THEIR album–East 1999–which I THINK was named after the street that they grew up on in, I believe, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

ANYWAY! THEIR ALBUM, from whence their claim-to-fame, or introductory to fame hits (I believe (?)) spurred from, seemed to introduce a LOT of young, Christian-identifyinh, Black American children into themes of the occult. There were claims (made in jest, but POSSIBLY truthfully made, nevertheless, at LEAST gossipped on, by the young!), of all of the creepy/frighteningly WEIRD or scary things that ALLEGEDLY occurred while playing said album! I never experienced anything, listening to their music, though, I can’t say I recall listening to EVERY song, or whether I just listened to the radio versions of their music? Twas a LONG time ago! Anyway, whether tall tales, told by children making light of this new introduction into the occult…or at least THIS seemingly darker, more Satanic side of the occult…I know not!

I HAVE read that perhaps, on that or one of their FIRST (but lesser known) albums, it seems there was a song, or a theme of the young Rappers (I don’t know if they were yet in their twenties at this point in their career, or if they were still children themselves!) going into Hell, to fight the Devil/Satan/Lucifer, and perhaps devils, etc, to get their souls back? I’ve no clue! But I DID love the full, ENTIRE music video (which features what I believe to be–AGAIN–an old, Black American (?) Gospel Music hymn, song in churches–perhaps, actually, not JUST Black American Churches, but White American ones, as well? I’m not too sure on this, but I LOVED the singing, of the young lady or young ladies, plural (can’t remember) in the opening of their original music video for their HUGE HIT: “Tha Crossroads,” if that’s how it’s spelled.

The rest of the video tells a very well-done, and important narrative…one of death being a thing most will face, and, to add something TO the music video, after that, the judgment by Christ (The LORD God Jesus Christ)!

Anyway, the video…. I hope that you and others will find it.

Bone was the ONLY musical act to work with both Mr. Tupac Shakur, and Mr. Biggie Smalls (also referred to as, The Notorious B.I.G.), garnering hits with BOTH! I BELIEVE that they worked with Tupac (or 2Pac) FIRST, and then, perhaps, Mr. Christopher Wallace dug it, and recorded a HIS song feature on their album m, perhaps known as The Art of War II, or The Art of War (?)…. I have NO CLUE! I DO think that there exists a clean, radio edit recording of BOTH songs, but it is VERY hard to find such recordings, as there has been work going on for YEARS to erase, and wipe the Internet of the original hit Rap, R&B, and perhaps Pop (?) records of their original music video edits, radio edits, aka CLEAN VERSIONS of entire albums and whole songs, from existence, so THAT, if you WOULD to listen to an old song from your younger days, you’re mostly forced to choose between a FAKED clean version, that bleeps a word every few seconds (I mean, NON curse words, not even words that speak to ANYTHING offensive–for instance, implying that your significant others’ irksome attitude could possibly be due to being on her menstrual cycle “maybe you’re bleeding?” Sounds graphic, but there are examples where there IS NO offense in the wording, neither the imagery or sentiment, POSSIBLE!

Anyway, um, I could go on, because later, there would be Mr. Snoop Lion(?), (formerly known…and maybe currently still most commonly referred to as Snoop or Snoop Doggy Dogg or Snoop Dogg!), in which he maybe debuted a song that was very well-enacted and performed at perhaps, The (annual) MTV Music (or Music Video (?)) Awards Show, one year in the 1990’s. The song, which I wouldn’t recommend listening to, and haven’t due to the premise, which was, that the writer (Snoop), made a deal with the Devil to save his life? It was, to the BEST of my memory–very impactful in performance value, in that incorporated so much visual imagery, like from the storytelling. If I’m not mistaken, Snoop was wheeled onto the stage, possibly strapped to an ambulance’s or hospital’s gurney (his character had been shot. I have difficulty remembering if this actually mirrored a real life incident, prior, for Snoop, but it vaguely seems to have, which intensified what I think MOST viewed as GREATLY creative (comeback(?)..
musical hiatus…between albums(?)), performance, writing, rapping, and flair. Again, I’m going off of memory, and as to how many decades…?

Anyway, the song? sigh! I’m NOT SURE! I don’t THINK that it was “Murder was the Case that They Gave Me,” or whatever that particular song’s title was, but, seems it MAY have featured a deep voiced portrayal of the Devil speaking in the song to Snoop’s character…which perhaps had been done (Satan portrayed as speaking im a Rap Music song?) by Bone, years prior, but nothing like this maybe? IDK?

Snoop’s performance was HIGHLY applauded, and enthusiastically received. Sigh! Back then, you had the group and it’s eponymous, lead singer, Marilyn Manson (a Rock musical act, which featured transgenderism

(not that previous Rockers hadn’t already–Prince, perhaps…David Bowie, it seems? Can’t perfectly say!)–

men, seemingly heterosexual at that–doning alter ego characters…?

Nevertheless, the Rock group, Marilyn Manson, took each member’s FIRST name from a deceased (?) Hollywood bombshell, attractive, leading lady type, if I’m not mistaken (i.e., MARILYN Monroe) and tbeir differing LAST NAMES…SIGH! From serial killers of enormous noteriety (i.e. Mr. Charles MANSON). Maybe another group member’s name was Twiggy (after the huge British model) Ramirez (after yet ANOTHER Satanists, serial killer–Mr. Richard Ramirez).

My point, though, was just that, this was a time of a very, slow, and calculated push of Black youth away from their GOD, and into their would -be enslaver and LONG TIME mocker–Satan!

The Trojan Horse, if you will, being…as OFT ways, the Entertainment Industry. It was a slow boil, but now look where Rap Music is? So MANY of it’s hit-makers, or at least heavily pushed… without voluminous backlash–Lil’ Nas X, Tyler the Creator, XXX Temptacíon (I am most likely spelling his name wrong, though that young man, prior to smh, sigh, being murdered, seemed to be facing backlash for speaking OFF narrative. Perhaps in support of Republican policies or a candidate or ideology, I can’t remember…but he seemingly endured a smear campaign, OR, his past alleged behavior with an ex-girlfriend was used to garner up hatred of him in the Media (MAYBE!! I am pretty ignorant on this gentleman, other than, I’d heard news blurbs here or there, and it seemed he’d saud things to which I STRONGLY agreed, and perhaps that lead to his murder? Sigh! Again–I am pretty near being 100% COMPLETELY ignorant regarding this young man. However he had some creepy, dark, imagery in some pictures of him, or stylized for album covers or whatever, picture art!

Lastly, of the younger generations’ Rap Music performers, I DID find out that they young man, who, ALSO has semi-adapted into the transgender form, and given himself, perhaps, a female persona, os the young male rapper, named Lil Uzi Vert (which I found out is actually SUPPOSED to be pronounced: Lucifer! *Sigh*

There’s more, but I’ve written too much already, and I don’t know if to the spiritual posterityof the or any readers! SIGH!!!! Nevertheless, what INITIALLY was meant SOLELY for correcting one incorrect claim that I knew of, and for adding ONE tidbit to the comment being responded to, ended up going FAR TOO LONG, and not necessarily providing enough support for any argument, by me, argued!

2 months ago

His life & death revolved around the number 8.
He was born in ‘64; 8×8 = 64. Compton rappers in his orbit were known to rap about 1964 Chevrolet Impalas, calling them “Six-Four Impalas.” Another 8×8.
N.W.A’s breakthrough album Straight (“Str8”) Outta Compton was released on 8/8/88. It had a remix of their earlier song “8 Ball.”
His debut solo album came out that November, 888 days before the first week of the ‘91 Gulf War. He was a Republican, & donated a good amount of money to Satanist warmonger George H.W. Bush, whose wife was likely the daughter of Aleister (8 letters) Crowley.
On 8/8/23, when the media was running tons of articles about the alleged “50th birthday of hip hop,” the suspicious Maui fires broke out. A clear fire ritual (elites worship the Sun / fire / light) done by HAARP in honor of hip hop. You can see Straight Outta Compton was thus released, by a stroke of luck, on the 20th birthday of hip hop. The DJ named Kool Herc (8 letters), born in Kingston (8 letters) spun at the alleged first hip hop event in The Bronx (8 letters) on 8/8/73.

Also of note:
On 8/18/88, another day full of 8s, just 10 days after the release of Straight Outta Compton, GHW Bush was nominated at the Republican Convention in New Orleans. He gave his famous “Thousand points of light” (a phrase allegedly of Satanic origin) speech on this day.
As for the connection between hip hop & Hawaii, an unknown Jay-Z recorded arguably his first-song, called “Hawaiian Sophie,” in ‘88.
Tupac Shakur, who moved from Maryland (8 letters) to California in ‘88, was shot by someone in a Cadillac (8 letters) on Flamingo (8 letters) Road in Las Vegas (8 letters) on Eazy’s 32nd birthday; in other words, the first day of the 33rd year of Easy’s life. We know about the importance of 33 to the Freemasons. Tupac died, or “died,” from his wounds a week later. His symbolism-laden final album was released posthumously under the name Makiveli, an altered 8-letter version of Machiavelli. His suspected shooter was nicknamed “Baby Lane” (8 letters).
Eazy’s former N.W.A groupmate Dr. Dre released his much-anticipated second album, titled 2001, 666 days before 9/11, by total chance. Jay-Z’s ominously-titled album The Blueprint came out ON 9/11. Those crazy coincidences…

There’s even more if you look for pages / pists / tweets about the magic 8 connection in hip hop’s “golden era.”

2 months ago

I forgot the name of this album, but his back was against a brick wall on the cover pouring out liquor, if someone can chime in in the title but the intro was very dark, talked of walking thru doors backwards and it sounded like he recited the first portion of a prayer backwards, was very weird