Bjork – Play dead – A song about MK Ultra (

This song is very probably about MK Ultra programming. It is a slave talking to her handler/torturer and relating to her pain. Let’s see the lyrics : 

[Verse 1]
Darling, stop confusing me
With your wishful thinking
Hopeful embraces

— The handler confuse his victim while torturing her, hopeful embraces is an euphemism for rape

Don’t you understand?
I have to go through this
I belong to here where
No one cares, and no one loves
No light, no air to live in
A place called hate
The city of fear

—  The slave must internalize the pain and hate she feel to survive

— MK Ultra slaves with multiple personalities are described as city of people all living in the same body                  

I play dead
It stops the hurting
I play dead
And the hurt stops

— From Cisco Wheeler and Cathy O’Brian testimonies , the handler stop torturing the slave when they play dead, at this point they have broken their spirit. Bjork play dead and the hurt from the handler stop

[Verse 2]
It’s sometimes just like sleeping
Curling up inside my private tortures
I nestle into pain
Hug suffering
Caress every ache

— Direct references to torture, curling in fetal position due to the pain

— The slaves must learn to enjoy the pain in order to survive the constant tortures

Bjork made numerous one-eye signs in her career

link , link , link

She is probably connected to the Illuminati and sadly it might be as a MK Ultra slave.

What do you think?

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6 months ago

So that’s why she’s completely insane since the start of her career…figures.

6 months ago
Reply to  Noth

It is public knowledge that she was raised on a Hippy commune and USED as the “front-girl” for an adult band, that she no longer associates with. She considers her time as a child performer to not be associated with her art, at all.

But yes, sadly, I had wondered about her time there and how traumatizing it really was for her, or if her spite was solely about art.