Anatoly Might Might Have a Secret to His Sucess

This power lifter named Anatoly has been getting pushed by Larry Wheels and others on YouTube. His videos started out fairly innocent and rather amusing, but have been getting more and more lewd and filled with crass euphemisms. This last video had me convicted to not give him any more views. Then, right near the end, I heard something that sealed the deal. If you watch the original video on YouTube, fast forward to the 8:15 mark. Otherwise, just watch the shortened one on BitChute.

Xendrius has a video of demon magician Dynamo bench pressing 155KG.  Could this Anatoly guy despite his better physique, be in the club?

What do you think?

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randall hewgley
randall hewgley
5 months ago

Somethings off! His smaller frame should not be able to throw around the types of weights he lifts with ease. Wouldn’t surprise me to know he is getting demonic help.