Pfizer finally comes clean on Friday the 13th!

Well, well, well.  Cannot hide it any longer.  They finally admit there is an “increased risk” of myocarditis and pericarditis.

All this stated in a press release by pfizer released on Jason Vorhees special day, Friday the 13th.  What a great day to celebrate this news!

In the press release link, use the “search” option in your web browser to look for “myocarditis”.


Pfizer Press Release Claims mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Poses ‘Increased Risk’ of Myocarditis

Pfizer Amends U.S. Government Paxlovid Supply Agreement and Updates Full-Year 2023 Guidance

What do you think?

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randall hewgley
randall hewgley
6 months ago

This is a cop out! The vax does far more harm than just cause myocarditis.
They have always admitted a link to myocarditis but always say that it is very very rare. Which is not true either.

6 months ago

So I’ve noticed a big silence on something, how about Israeli controlling Hamas-there’s absolutely undeniable proof to be found, taking over the Gaza West Bank Egypt etc. Holocausting murdering starving innocent people then sending them pissed off ready to kill to every Western country led by the USSA bulshitvicks but especially here to their American slave colony to destroy our country causing real terrorists and psyop gov ones to ban weapons all because we fund Israel’s existence and drive this ‘war’ with tax money. Then the starving and murdered family survivors can cause terror which the gov can gain power from afterwards the gov can play saviour and fix all the mess they caused after most of us die so the rest of we the goyim cattle can be more formally an Israel slave colony for the chosen people who literally say that we were given to them to be their animals for them to work while they rake in the fruit our efforts and we will own nothing happily because they will take all we have, basically it will be like we are in a POS kabbut without pay, under lock and key fencing like the Palestinians children they stole, we will be another Gaza in the really crappy kabbuts but in their approved state and city kabbuts it will be more like a usual the Israeli kabbuts; all while global cabal ethnically cleansed leaders residing in Israel have their foot on the “goyim” heads because they say, 10 million of our lives are worth less than one of theirs. (It doesn’t matter what goyim used to mean when it means now is a derogatory slur for all the scum cattle who aren’t Jewish.) But if you go after innocent Jews-ish then you’re evil too so they hide behind their own innocent people.
But hey, all you goyim and innocent Jew(ish) out there, how about pfizer? It’s owned by the same cabal who made a vaccine before anyone even got sick proving intentions. Sometimes it’s what isn’t said that speaks loudest. What is it that is being hidden?

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6 months ago
Reply to  rick

I’m surprised I was allowed to post those comments. So many sites will not allow any kind of criticizing Israel. Florida made it illegal. Many Republicans are taking offense too though the Christian people, churches and hospitals were killed and bombed in Gaza.

Israel not only wants Gaza to themselves and are using this as a blood sacrificing ritual they have. There are a few Jewish groups against this because they can see it’s fabricated for Israel and a holomodor/Holocaust… It looks to me like they are practicing for us. The pieces are falling together.

It’s worth mentioning that India and Pakistan were fighting and information got removed from social media and news. I guess they weren’t ready to follow through with some stage d he