St. Louis Rapper 607 Unc Claims He Escaped Illuminati By ‘Sacrificing’ His Son (

St. Louis rapper 607 Unc has claimed he used to be a member of the Illuminati and that he was only able to escape them by offering his son as a sacrifice.

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8 months ago

Everything projected on the black-screen-boxes by any kind of company, big or small, ought to be viewed as a psy-op. The video in that “visit link” just reeks of Hollywood, made to look alternative and cool. It’s all black magic, unless a blogger is painstakingly breaking down the BS.

We are witnessing an actor-based reality. It’s not the one that The Divine Creator meant for us to live in; it’s the one manufactured by the machine-mind wayward wizards. Even Mother Earth has been compromised.

Seriously. Ask yourself, “What Divine Architect would throw up a bunch of random mountains, hills, and valleys, make rivers that flood, create crazy-a*s cold weather that is unbearable without multiple layers of clothing, and randomly insert dangerous weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes? Sounds more like death-cult manipulation to me.

8 months ago

He might just be saying this for media attention. He doesnt look at all trustworthy or believable.