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Crazy Bear
Crazy Bear
9 months ago

It never gets old. Every single time something comes out about somebody, everybody acts like it’s so shocking. Who could ever imagine so and so was really like that. They seem so nice on tv, they did this good thing out that that good thing, they said bad things about so and so and stood up for the little people, blah blah blah.
I don’t even have to read the comments, I already know.
It doesn’t get any simpler than this one, very very simple thing, as I mentioned, simplicity.
If your name isn’t on the roster for the Chicago Bears…. you’re not a player for Chicago.
It’s not a surprise.
If you’re not a born again Christian, a genuinely, Holy Spirit filled Christian…. you’re on the other team.
Every living soul on earth serves one master or the other. No other sides are involved. No other teams exist. The Lord God Jesus Christ is your master or you serve the enemy by birth. All humans are BORN INTO SIN… no exceptions.
If you’ve never been delivered, never been saved,, never been redeemed… you serve that sin nature. That’s why it’s called the nature of the beast.
It can’t possibly be any easier to understand.
There are no “good people” , none, zero. There is none righteous, none who seek God.
God does everything. The Holy Spirit convicts a person of their sin, The Holy Spirit draws people to Jesus, God the Father imputes the righteousness of Christ upon a believer for His Great Name Sake. We are clothed in Jesus robes, His goodness, His righteousness, His presence. There is nothing good in any of us. Until Jesus indwells a believer, there is nothing but a vacant vessel used by whatever unholy spirit we allow. The spirit of lust, of greed, of jealousy, of idolatry, of covetousness, of self serving ego, of every unclean and unholy thing that we choose to serve. Why then, is it a surprise to anybody that a snake bites the hand that feeds it, that the dog eats his own vomit, the best friend sleeps with the unfaithful spouse… it’s the nature of the beast. It’s what unregenerate souls do. They answer to nobody but their own desires, exactly as satan. In rebellion against God, serving themselves and their own will.
There are two camps, two armies, two sides and absolutely no neutral ground. You serve The Lord by recognized choice and faith, or you serve satan by partaking in the rebellion against God’s will and purpose.
Quit acting so stunned when a goat acts exactly like a goat.

9 months ago

A pledge of allegiance Elon is making … the devil’s champion!

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