Raiders' Chandler Jones says he was hospitalized against his will and injected with a "foreign substance" (

Las Vegas Raiders superstar Chandler Jones claims he was forced into a mental health hospital last week … and “injected” with a foreign substance.

The 33-year-old NFL player said it all happened after authorities told him “people were concerned about me because of my posts online.”

“I answered my front door,” Jones said Monday evening on his X page in what appeared to be pictures of recent journal entries, “and a group of 5 to 7 were there to put me in an ambulance where I was later injected and I asked them not to.”

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8 months ago

Jesus Christ. That’s horrifying.

8 months ago

Coming soon a city near you…silence the voices..

8 months ago

Wow…he’s 33. What a coincidence. Same age as…wait for it…Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift. These Illuminati/Freemason puppets are so predictable

patriot act
patriot act
8 months ago

it looks more like a personal revenge on the part of the coach, nothing elitist or occult. still freightning.

 on the same note, this is scarier, this guy from Quebec, Canada, made comments on social media denouncing who was behind the forest fires in his area, he attests that he is near the so-called flames but sees nothing, and that the fires are exaggerated and amplified by the government, to scare us, and these fires are caused are man made, by globalist elitist.
for these comments he attracted the attention of authorities, who began spying on him until they arrested him months later, accused of starting some of the fires himself.
However, the mayor of his areas claims that most of the fires were not started by him and cannot claim that he was the cause of the wildfires.

“The mayor relieved

The mayor of Chibougamau, Manon Cyr, said she was relieved that a person had been arrested by the SQ.

However, she wishes to point out that Mr. Paré “did not start the fire which forced the evacuation of Chibougamau”. It was caused by lightning several tens of kilometers to the north.

“There were several fires over several days in the area on May 31. Most were extinguished quickly. Is he [responsible] for the fire at Lake Cavan, which forced the partial evacuation of Chapais? I cannot confirm that at the moment,” continues Ms. Cyr.”

He said :

“invented and manufactured by our governments and their ELITE of the United Nations of the World Economic Forum and the WHO for their t*** new world order of 2030 [sic]”, he wrote among others on August 26, sharing an unidentified video of a helicopter dropping flames in the forest.”

Chibougamau: un homme à l’origine de certains feux de forêt arrêté | JDM (

Google Translate can translate all text (it’s a short text)

comments section conveniently closed.

another case promulgated by someone in the YouTube comments section, apparently from the U.S.,unrelated to this case, but related to this topic

7 months ago

He was Kanye’d.