Better off drunk?

Have you ever had a moment of clarity in your life?  A moment where things were so lucid that you figured out your purpose?  A moment of clarity we can all use, except for “Meave”.

USA Today, in continuing to publish toxic opinion pieces, has another good read for those whom are seeking modern day wisdom.

A transgender woman, Meave, details how sobriety helped build a clearer understanding of “her” identity.

It’s a bit cruel but necessary … maybe being drunk was the better choice here?  You know your life is f****d up if being sober makes things worse.

This is what I’ve learned so far from USA Today …

Gen Z gays can teach men about masculinity.  Check.  Sobriety can help you embrace the queer within you.  Double check.

… YAY!  I am a smart.


Getting sober saved my life. And helped me understand my identity as a transgender woman.

What do you think?

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The Late Great Planet Earth
The Late Great Planet Earth
8 months ago

LGBT people statistically drink, smoke, and use drugs more than heterosexuals. Im going to guess it’s not because they feel like the world doesn’t accept them but rather that they know in their hearts that this lifestyle just isn’t natural. Therefore their consciences need to be silenced at all times.