US Intelligence Has Been Manipulating Wikipedia For Over A Decade: Wikipedia Co-Founder (

“We do have evidence that, as early as 2008, that CIA & FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia,” Sanger told Greenwald.  

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10 months ago

Biden’s not the only con artist president?
The former puppet’s administration was doing this too?

10 months ago

If anyone ever questioned the information warfare online, and the (not so) subtle Luciferian manipulation of the masses through “organic” online information; they no longer have an excuse.

This is why it is maddening when people try to claim that my research, compiled from examination and analysis of 1000s of primary source artifacts and sights across the world over the past 15 years, is wrong, based solely on quoting what Wikipedia claims as “factual.”

The C1@ gave g00g@l-Anna their programming (both founders parents are former agency operatives), owns the controlling share of Fbook, and writes most everything on Wiki.

10 months ago

Ha that’s rich, they’re both from the cabal and have been not only editing it themselves with their own people in favor for Israel but have idf involved
What do we have here?
The cabal league
Here’s one talking about how it’s done. People travel to Israel to help them with things like arguing Israel points in American speak.

They don’t just edit the Internet with Google Facebook Twitter and Wikipedia and own all the major media outlets in the United States and Europe and I am sure more but…Here they tell Fox to fire Tucker
Which they do.

Here they train Catholic educators

They set up offices in the us

They train our police how to treat our citizens

Until we noticed a bit too much and it looked bad for them here

But then they decided it was too much control to hand back so they kept it going here

Though having control in Washington made them feel better here

And trump

Yet forgets to mention he works for Israel first, and being quietly trained in the Goyim hating book Talmud (not the Torah) by his own personal rabbi, he had the certificate on his wall to prove he was hard core Talmudic Jewish. Pretends to be Christian, but you cannot be both just like Obama, Clinton, Putin and zelensky not to mention the other eu leaders wearing the hat and getting the the kalergi award for being racist against the Europeans they rule over and plan to annihilate
Funny they say it’s a big hoax yet look how many receive this award, to something they say doesn’t exist. For a group who are 1 percent? Of the population there’s sure a lot of them holding power in the gov media military religious institutions and education. No they don’t control anything but kids don’t be anti Israel in Florida or you’ll get put in prison, coming to a state near you by the cabal Biden president.

10 months ago
Reply to  marie


You have discovered the Phoenicians; the children of Kain. The Di-Hevel, literally the “twin of Abel.” The imposters… They became Venicians, as the black Venusian nobility and the papacy, and then the City of London.

The word for “imposters,” the same imposters that wrote the detestable Talmud, is Tannaim. They crew toed the Sanhedrin, the Saturn Hexahedron. The word for “Sea Beast,” is Tanninu. Think Revelations.

The word for the Phoenicians great mother goddess is Tannit.

The word in ancient Sanskrit Ta’an ma means “Shiva’s fire.”

Tannaim – Tanninu – Tannit – Taanma

All of the come from the deity Ptah, the father of the masons, THE BUILDERS of the Tower of Ba Ba’al. Lucifer’s avian spirit body (Egyptian mythology.)

As Musk said: “the bird is free…” and then launched the Phoenix. The VENUs bird.

It is written in Pslams, and Yeshua said:

“The stone THE BUILDERS rejected has become the chief cornerstone… it is marvelous in our eyes.”

Follow the thread of the builders and dig below the half truths of the online propaganda which gives you part of the Truth and sprinkles a healthy dose of misguided hate under false titles. The man of many faces lies below these false titles they fabricate and imposter as shadow walls to your discovery of The Truth.

Likely without being aware exactly how, you are correct about the Luciferians and “Jews,” except that the word “Jew” comes from Ju-Pater. Which is Zeus… Which is Lucifer.

Last edited 10 months ago by 444gem