The powerful influence of Valerie Biden Owens—Joe’s ‘final gut check" (

“Valerie Biden Owens is one of her brother Joe Biden’s most trusted political allies, newly released emails reveal, micromanaging the family and her sibling’s career path.”

Caption to the photo above: “

Joe Biden was sworn in as a US Senator in the hospital room where sons Beau and Hunter were recovering in January, 1973, after the car accident that killed their mother and sister.
Bettmann Archive

“Biden Owens is still in the background calling the shots in the White House, according to former aides who spoke to The Post this week.

“She was never part of Joe’s strategic team,” said a former White House aide. “But she is his final gut check. They’re best friends and the president values her opinion, but she’s not sitting in the Oval Office with him. She’s there for dinner at the White House, talking to him and the First Lady over a meal.” – lol.

The pic of her shown here is in a full body silver, glimmering suit striding jubilantly through, presumably the White House, I’ve never seen inside, while fawning admirers and journos view her procession from behind cattle ropes.

“In a series of emails between Hunter Biden and Biden Owens, she brainstormed ideas for a logo for the Beau Biden Foundation, which she helped set up weeks after the president’s eldest son’s death in 2015. “Idea: eagle in flight made with children’s block in its talons,” Biden Owens wrote on June 12, 2015, in an email chain that includes Hunter, Beau’s widow Hallie Biden and Josh Alcorn, former chief financial officer of the foundation, which is dedicated to the protection of children.”

“Aunt Val, as she is known to her nephew, became a surrogate mother to Hunter and Beau after Biden’s first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, and their 1-year-old daughter Naomi were killed in a traffic accident in December 1972 shortly after Biden won his first US Senate race. Biden Owens moved into her brother’s home to look after the toddlers.

“A grieving Biden was famously sworn in as senator in the boys’ hospital room on January 3, 1973 —a memorable photo op orchestrated by Biden and his sister largely because the politician refused to leave his sons’ side during their recovery, according to Biden Owens’ 2022 memoir, “Growing Up Biden.”

“Sorry I am such a difficult nephew,” wrote Hunter in response to his aunt’s request to set a date. His email signature is Rosemount Seneca, the Washington, DC, investment and advisory firm he co-founded.

“You are a wonderful nephew,” Biden Owens replied. “Never gave me any trouble. We have to meet with Ron Klain so will do when you get back. Xo.”

“Women didn’t manage Senate campaigns in 1972,” she writes in her memoir, “But I did. So, sometimes I had to set the guys straight. I wasn’t dubbed ‘the Hurricane’ by happenstance.”

The article speaks of tricks they used to make Biden likeable, then this: 

“This was a stroke of genius,” writes Kaufman. “I bet it did more to build his positives in DE than anything else he has done as VP. It should be a model of how he keeps his hand in Delaware.”

Biden Owens, a former social studies teacher at a Quaker private school in Wilmington, writes in her book that during her brother’s early political campaigns she marshaled her high-school students as volunteers to make signs and travel throughout Delaware to help Biden, a political unknown in the state, get elected.

“I would be fired for this today, but I told them that if they didn’t work for my brother, I would flunk them,” she writes.

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10 months ago

Newsflash: The government is corrupt.

Everyone of them..wether they hug a flag, pose with a Bible, sniff a head, use cigars for their unattended purposes….

They are ALL liars and con artist

The republicans are liars
The democrats are liars
The independents are liars

They are ALL evil and very capable of brainwashing even the brightest minds as many political sheep on this site have proven.


News flash: The government is corrupt.

10 months ago

Yes, we know, thank you.

10 months ago

I have to say this pic of him being sworn in just gives off some bad vibes. The kid in the bed, I am assuming is Beau…he seems perfectly fine, all dressed up and playing with a toy like any normal kid. What exactly is he recovering from? Who is crouching in the back over there?
Then we have the logo on the front of the podium. Looks like a Ka and Ba symbol to me.
The bible Biden is supposedly taking his oath with is a Douay Rheims. Do your research on that one…..