JPMorgan Chase "mistakenly" deletes evidence while under investigation by securities watchdog.

The SEC, a securities watchdog, was investigating JPMorgan.  JPMorgan then deletes this evidence and claims it was an “error”. 

About 47 million emails from about 8700 electronic mailboxes  were “accidentally” deleted dating back to 2018 transactions.   These emails were suppose to be retained.

The SEC can no longer have access to evidence, halting and jeopardizing its investigation.  

JPMorgan blames retention company for the mixup.  That was a close one guys!  Now we can hide all our shady deals and transactions ala WTC building 7!  The vendor insists it didnt do anything wrong.

Deletion tasks were run because “protections” were in place!

But it turns out, the setting was not enabled properly.

JPMorgan responded by saying they will now run their retention policies and assure the SEC it will nevwr happen again.

Moral of the story, make sure you dispose of any evidence when being investigated and place the blame on a scapegoat.

Who are they fooling?  What were they hiding?  We will never know … foiled by the bankers again!  

We will get you next time JPMorgan Chase!  Next time!

… and yes, I did notice the highly occult symbolism in the ads shown in the article!  



JP Morgan accidentally deletes evidence in multi-million record retention screwup

JPMorgan fined $4 million for deleting 47 million emails including some requested in subpoenas

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Disappointed not surprised
Disappointed not surprised
11 months ago

$4m is nothing to the amount of money they saved themselves from turning in the info