USVI Congresswoman Went to Jeffrey Epstein's Home (

A U.S. congresswoman went to Jeffrey Epstein’s home in 2018, within a year of his being arrested on …

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Sharine Borslien
Sharine Borslien
11 months ago

This is a t****y.

You just don’t want to see it.

It’s the basis of the Luciferian Cosmic Androgyne agenda.

Luciferians are religious zealots and they have been running the show for millennia.

Exotic (non-terrestrial) technology since the mid-1800s / early 1900s has enabled them and their agenda to create images and sounds that captivate your attention. We are literally giving our life-force to these vampires.

Be mindful of what you view on the black-screen boxes and print publications! It’s all designed to program you for their end-game of trans-humanism: Unconscious, spiritually empty slavery.

11 months ago

not to downplay or apologize for this but JE knew a lot of people but a lot of people didn’t know, JE. js.

Sharine Borslien
Sharine Borslien
11 months ago

Just to back up my comment, I found this photo confirmation of t****y status:

comment image

Biological females do not, cannot, and never will have this head-to-shoulder ratio, period, end of story. Bone structure is the evidence.

Also, notice how the bangs hide his brow ridge, and the carefully placed lighting hides his neck in order to make the Adam’s Apple *not an issue*.