Sweden's Eggmageddon

Egg production in Sweden has been shook by a series of both health emergencies and a major accident. That’s the official narrative, at least. It’s claimed that sudden emergence of Salmonella and bird flu has neccessitated halts in production and distribution of eggs, at times completely. This is, of course, a ridiculous notion as Salmonella – if actually present in the birds and also carried over to the eggs – cannot possibly be much of a concern as we do COOK the eggs before consumption and we do have immune systems that can handle any remaining Salmonella germs in an undercooked egg. As for “bird flu,” even if actually present (if it now actually exists at all) and not just another test-demic that also likewise be of no concern. If these supposed virus particles make it into the eggs, they’d be destroyed by cooking them and, again, we have immune defences. Additionally, there’s no evidence that it could infect humans, and in fact there’s no real evidence of so-called viruses causing disease at all.

So then science and logic shows that the official narrative is false (on multiple levels) and therefore that it’s all a SCAM.

Why would they do this? Well, given that The Powers That Be are hellbent on having all the rest of us subsist on bugs, GMO’s and “plant based” chemical concoctions (while “elites” can keep living in luxury thanks to “climate compensation” and carbon credits purchased from poor people), it makes perfect sense. Unlike with, for instance, production of beef they can’t use their carbon emissions fraud to limit poultry and egg production so they have to get rid of it by other means as otherwise these would stand in the way of the bug-based diet future they so desire for us. Eggs are also one of the few food based sources of vitamin D and is also high in other health sustaining micro nutrients, so that’s another very plausible reason. The less healthy we are the easier we are to fool and control, and ill health is also very profitable.

While we do generelly have eggs on the shelves again, several suppliers are now gone and in there place a few new large ones have suddenly emerged. I would guess these were formed by oligarchy purchases of destroyed indepentent producers. There also was a major fire at a large egg processing facility in nothern Sweden, and that company’s products are yet to appear on shelves. If and when it does, it’ll surely be under new ownership. This seems to be the reason behind the egg scam; to consolidate control of production and supply.

The image is from just a few days ago, at a small grocery store. They’ve had their egg shelf fully empty for weeks now and same goes for other small stores I’ve visisted. This while larger supermarkets and mega stores seem to be have their shelves well stocked. Are small stores being sabotaged by being denied egg purchases? Sure looks that way.

On its own, it may seem like it’s not that big a deal but put into the context of the satanic agenda of the globalist oligarchy it certainly is. It’s another piece of the puzzle of our true reality and another piece of the anti-human neo-feudalist agenda of our so-called elites.

What do you think?

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11 months ago
Reply to  randall

Thanks for sharing. I’ve read some about similar things happening across the world and that’s yet another clear sign that it’s a fraud that these supposed health issues and “accidents” suddenly are to have struck everywhere at once.

Not surprising in the least as we are all, including China and Russia (know your history and follow the money,) citizens of a satanic, oligarchic world-wide empire.

11 months ago

Why are they targeting eggs? Well they are the perfect food in many ways providing fat, protein many minerals and vitamins at low calorie and cholesterol. I am old enough to remember when back in the 80’s and 90’s the medical field was trying to tell people to stop eating eggs because of high cholesterol, which was a lie. Eggs are a life essential food, abundant, cheap and arguably THE super food of a healthy diet, that’s why they want to eliminate them.