Not even cakes are safe

A Roku channel spinoff of the immensely popular show The Great British Baking Show has shown its true colors again. The brand first really caught my attention in the British version when the gay contestant used cricket flour and everyone talked about how eco-friendly eeting zee bugs is. The American version in the latest season, however, had only 3 men out of 12 contestants, two of whom are gay, and one of those works in artificial intelligence. If there were any doubt about the show being used to push globalist themes, this should remove all doubt. Disembodied eyes are generally creepy, so the average person would not buy a mug plastered all over with them. The Hamsa Hand also is known the world over for having mystical properties, so someone who isn’t involved in the religions where it is recognized would not have such a symbol on their mugs. Nor on decorative plates. The people that would are those who believe in their mystical powers.

For those who don’t know, it is believed that the Hamsa Hand is a sort of talisman that wards away the “evil eye,” that which seeks to judge and destroy. Others believe that using the one eye symbols attains a similar purpose. However, the “evil” eye that they wish to ward is not the eye of the devil, but that of the Almighty God. They do not wish to be subject to his righteous judgement, and seem to believe they can hide from him by utilizing talismans. Talismans may be marginally effective against lower spirits (and if so, likely just a bluff by the spirits to make it look like it worked), but THE Spirit who created the world in which these talismans reside is not affected, much the same as an NPC in a video game cannot harm the programmer who made the game.

Of this we can be sure: The Elite will always tell us what they’re involved in so they can avoid karmic punishment. But for those who know the times, we can be aware of what they’re pushing and not be swayed.

What do you think?

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Airplane Clouds
Airplane Clouds
15 days ago

Good Catch!!
It seems like the most harmless cooking show there is….

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14 days ago

Blink and you would miss it! Well spotted!

Sharine Borslien
Sharine Borslien
13 days ago

Brilliant critique. Even without the Hamsa Hand, I would look at these “people” as very likely demonically possessed “entities appearing as” the person they claim to be in the limelight. Anyone who achieves this artificially elevated status, in every field, is compromised in one or many ways.

4 days ago

I SEE it.