Judge blocks Missouri rule that would limit immediate hrt until a waiting period, hopefully maturity, and deep delve could be had. Let the retrospection be as extreme and final as possible, for "health's" sake. (

Where was this concern in 2020-2021 (see first bold item):

“In her ruling, Ribaudo wrote that those suing to block the rule would “be subjected to immediate and irreparable loss, damage or injury if the Attorney General is permitted to enforce the Emergency Rule, and its broad, sweeping provisions were implemented without further fact-finding or evidence.” —-is holding off a year or so to see if someone – especially a child – really wants to do this so unreasonable, given her own admission that the evidence is still very much out?

She wrote that patients “are at high risk of having their medical care interrupted for an unknown length of time; once the Rule goes into effect, they may lose access to medical care through their current providers until such time as the provider can come into compliance with the Rule’s requirements.”

Here is the rule’s limitations: 

“A Missouri judge on Monday temporarily blocked a unique rule that would require adults and children to undergo more than a year of therapy and fulfill several other requirements before they could receive gender-affirming treatments such as puberty blockers, hormones and surgery.” — they really want to make sure they catch the vulnerable at the height of emotionalism before they have a chance to think twice about it. Not to mention before all the people harmed by this start really speaking out.

“We remain confident in our position because the Court even acknowledged that it deferred its consideration of the science until a later date,” Bailey’s office said in a statement. “Our six pages of endnotes speak for themselves: these procedures are experimental.”

A young CHILD will always do whatever gains them attention, acceptance and approval from his/her parents and/or other trusted adults. 

What do you think?

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1 year ago

The people that have been harmed by these experiments are trying to speak out but are being suppressed by the alphabet community. If they detransition (meaning they go back to their bio gender) they are shunned from that community. There are a lot of threads on reddit on this topic. It’s quite sad actually.

1 year ago

Satanic legal system.