Feds hid JFK film that could prove ‘grassy knoll’ conspiracy: lawsuit (

A 60-year-old home movie could finally reveal whether multiple shooters, and not a lone gunman, assassinated President John F. Kennedy – but according to an explosive new lawsuit, the federal gover…

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Just saying
Just saying
10 months ago

The entrance wound to the rear of JFK’s skull is clearly defined and measured, per coroner’s report.
This was the entrance wound that exploded his head as the bullet exited near the front.
The almost-perfect-circle of this entrance wound is easily measured and it’s diameter is far too small for the caliber that Oswald was linked to.
This fact alone proves that he was shot from behind and it wasn’t Oswald’s gun that fired this particular shot.
But what is really interesting is that the almost-perfect-circle of the entrance wound is the exact diameter of a .223 caliber.
The Viet Nam era AR-15 was carried in the security vehicles ahead of and BEHIND the president. They are .223 caliber.
Ever seen a watermelon shot with a .223?


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10 months ago

Is this a conspiracy post from the new york post? come on now

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10 months ago

I read somewhere that the zapruder film was 45 minutes long.