Ex-fitness model Loni Willison subjected to MK-Ultra torture? 👀

Loni Willison is an ex fitness model that graced the covers of many fitness magazines.

She dated Jeremy Jackson, ex Baywatch star, for quite some time.

She’s currently homeless eating out of trash bins.  When one compares her before and after, its quite sad this transformation and downward spiral.

What caught my attention in this latest article from the New York Post is how she details abuse from her ex, Jeremy Jackson.  Electrocution, beatings and torture.

She mentioned how “someone” electrocuted her every day for a whole year.  She says she has strange interactions from chemicals, metals, etc.  What the hell did they do to her?

MK-Ultra vibes?  She also details crystal meth addiction possibly exposed to it during the abuse.

My guess is this exposure to drugs is to help disassociate the victim and hide the abuse and mask the truth as non-sensical jibberish of an addict?

Shes currently homeless in the LA area and Mr. Jackson walks the streets to torture another victim.

The rabbit hole runs deep in Hollyweird.

Thoughts on this?  Mk-Ultra experts expand our knowledge on this!

Article: Ex-model Loni Willison on addiction and homeless life: ‘I’m in a lot of pain’ By Erin Keller

What do you think?

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19 days ago


19 days ago

I think I saw her yesterday.

19 days ago

They both look troubled, like clone Kanye and his handler/wife. Sad s**t.

18 days ago

She’s traumatized by the sight of electrical conductor because of the abuses she experienced through it. Because her tormentor uses electrical conductor/tools to abuse her. Everytime she see something electrical, her mind and body is reminded of the torturous experiences. The traumatic memory must have been vivid and visceral because the tormentor was doing it to her everyday, whether deliberate or not — conditioning her mind and body to associate any electrical conductor with torture. Even though electrical conductor itself is a neutral thing, how a person uses it is what count as good or bad. So everytime she sees someting electrical or electrical conductor, her mind and body are expecting a torture session incoming upon her. It has become a habit, an involuntary response by her body and mind.