British Film Institute takes BLM activist,to court over £216,000 (

The British Film Institute is embroiled in a court action against a Black Lives Matter activist over an alleged £216,000 sponsorship debt.

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1 year ago

Told folks not to trust marxist. They told me I wasn’t black enough. Now look at this bullsh!t. These idiots didn’t even read the first manifesto. It literally said “we seek to remove the black man as the head of the household…” (ok, are you cops?) “…and replace them with women and transgender women. 🙄 We want to create communities for all the children…” blah blah. I told everyone to read it while they were reciting state sponsored lines. They called me whitewashed and pushed my phone away after if literally bring up the manifesto. This is around 2017-18. I knew all my old friends were broken brained. The black ones were followers and the other ones were closeted racist who loved to put us down subtly. I wish I could see them all now. See who’s still a zombie and who woke up. I know a couple woke up because I’ve dreamed about them hugging me. I have faith. Super blm. I hate em

1 year ago
Reply to  WowjustWow

I’d* not if. Stupid* not super. Writing with my angry Twitter thumbs 🤣