This lady says having a microchip in your arm is "THE BEST THING EVERRRR!!!" (

Well, I wasn’t sold on getting the mark of the beast…but then she said I’d get a cookie.


What do you think?

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7 months ago

Bahaha! Cookie and a one eye sign. Bonus

7 months ago

We were already told by the WEC that wearing chips will become common, and that it would progress to implants – potentially though marketplace food. What we witnessed during the ‘pandemic’ was not about sickness, but the normalization of needle jabs. Every commercial, news report etc. had us watch needle after needle piercing someones skin, despite it (formely) being an uncomfortable sight to many. It was all about desensitization to authorities stepping in & pricking you with a ‘must have’ formula, and wherever that leads to next. I tell you this as a hypocrite, as a sinner, that God is ultimately in control. The Vigilant Citizen does a great job of highlighting the shadows, but evil is cowardly & the just God is holy.