The Real Reason Google Is Buying Fitbit (

It’s more than user data ~ although, obviously, having wearable smart tech that can literally track your every heartbeat and step taken certainly won’t hurt their ability to directly monitor and market to you. 

It’s also that they want to “partner” with health insurance companies to “better serve” you. Or, perhaps, to assign you a “health score” that determines what types of services you receive and coverage you are entitled to.

I really enjoyed the data and motivation I used to get from my Jawbone “Up” band, but they left the market after only a few years to make non-commercial medical devices. I grudgingly moved over to FitBit for a short time after that, but as is often the case, the “market winner” turned out to be an inferior product, and I stopped using it a few years ago, about the same time I got off all social media sites and started keeping my cell phone in a faraday case at night. It’s just downright creepy how often out every move is being watched ~ and leveraged against us.

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Doesn’t one need to use social media in order to promote their work? What’s the significance of a Faraday case?

1 year ago

This is identical to the Halo bracelet in the Canadian show Continuum that led to a corporate congress and total control by corporations. Currency in the dystopian future were called something like life credits and if you opposed anything you were lobotomized and turned into a robot in a factory. Far fetched? Not at all. Great show to watch if you want to see where things will end up for us.