Currency exchange kiosks with ITL face biometrics deployed across Europe | Biometric Update (

Currency exchange kiosks using facial recognition software developed by Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL)  to comply with daily transaction limits have rolled out to airports and travel hubs around Europe, according to a company announcement.

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10 months ago

You can be recognized even by your gait by AI. “comply with daily transaction limits” is the issue here.

Like the Canadian truckers having their accounts closed for wrong think. The tech is inevitable, so no sense in bitching about that, but how it is used is certainly up for discussion.

I wonder how long we have to catch our breath before the next Covid-like totalitarian event kicks off? NWO things have quieted down while this generative AI stuff has exploded.

NVIDIA’s new set of AI training data center graphics cards won’t be distributed until the end of the year, but once all the tech companies and US government get their hands on the new servers, we’re gonna see another interesting leap.

10 months ago

I mean Spar shops. Srsly what is that about?