Cultural Appropriation: Bad. Female Existence Appropriation: (

The ‘Drag Up! Fight Back!’ rally and march saw hundreds turn out to denounce the slew of state legislative bills targeting LGBTQ+ rights across the country.

“We wanted to show the whole world that San Francisco isn’t standing still, that Oakland isn’t standing still, that the Bay Area is not standing still, period,” said LGBTQ+ rights activist and drag king Alex U. Inn. “They come after everything I am. They come after my Black books, they come after my non-binary books, they come after me being a woman in my womb, they come after me being trans identified. And what does that leave me? So f— them.”

“Activist, politician, drag performer and singer Honey Mahogany, who was one of the organizers of the rally, hailed the LGBTQ+ community’s long history of struggle and defiance that goes back to the 1966 Compton’s Cafeteria riot in San Francisco, where drag queens and trans women fed up with police harassment fought back when an officer grabbed a trans woman’s arm. That rebellion, along with the Stonewall riots in New York three years later in 1969, set the stage for the modern-day LGBTQ+ rights movement.”

““This is straight-up homophobia and transphobia,” said Wiener, in an interview with KQED prior to the rally. “They dress it up as other things and pretend it’s about the safety of children.” – isn’t dressing up to pretend the definition of drag..?

Pics are worth clicking the article link. Loads of symbolism (unsurprising).

“They’ve already introduced bills in Congress to attack LGBTQ people to replicate what they’re doing in red states,” said Wiener. “Those bills currently are not gonna go anywhere, because we control the Senate and the White House. (THIS IS EVIDENCE THAT THE TRANS “COMMUNITY” ARE NOT ON THE DEFENSIVE, BUT THE OFFENSIVE, BY THEIR OWN WORDS – DOES THIS SOUND LIKE FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES TO YOU?)  But if the Republicans take over both the Congress and the presidency in the future, they will absolutely pass these laws into effect nationally. And so they are coming at us here in California. We’re already seeing this with abortion, that they’re trying to effectively ban abortion pills nationwide. They will do the same with respect to LGBTQ people. This is our fight, and it’s our fight everywhere.”

““We have different states who are bringing legislation because they feel threatened against people who are in drag or people who are trans,” said rally attendee and transgender rights supporter Stanley Wong. “There needs to be more visibility and more activism to educate people that we are in this community and not a threat. Guns are more of a threat to us than people wearing attire.” (What about trans bearing guns…? Trans day of vengeance?)

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10 months ago

Yes they’re only preying on women and children in every sort of way possible.

10 months ago

You can’t appropriate culture or race! But you certainly can do that to gender!!