Bread and Circuses (

I’m increasingly convinced that the “right” “conservative” side in every country is only a systematic pacifier, so when the herd seems like it’s getting agitated, tptb can put on a show of “tapping the brakes”. We’re still going the same direction, but sure, we’ll slow it down for a few years…no need to get upset.

This is, apparently, what drives votes worldwide: “In the space of just a few weeks, the MP has emerged as one of the biggest stars on the national political scene, helped by his youth – he is just 37 years old – his good looks, and his oratory skills. Now, he tells me, he is not ruling out a run for the presidency.”

“His focus, however, is expanding beyond the local. Since 2014 Mr Pradié has gone from village mayor to regional councillor to MP.

Right now he doesn’t speak English, and he knows that as his national and international profile soars that could be a problem (why might that be, in a world that wasn’t driving in the direction of a NWO?). He confided he will start taking intensive English classes in a few weeks’ time.”

Since I am not from the establishment and have different convictions from them I am accused of being an opportunist who wants to steal the limelight, which is ridiculous when you consider the criticism I have received. If I wanted an easy life I would have taken another approach.

“The right can’t keep pretending everything is all right and sweep the dust under the carpet – if we want to rebuild then there has to be an electroshock,” he said.

“Sometimes collateral damage is the price to pay to rebuild a home.”

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