A Malignant Flu May Soon Evolve to Infect and Kill Humans, Report Says (

Scientists fear a mammal-to-mammal spread could lead to global catastrophe.

“The H5N1 avian influenza is notorious for a near 100-percent mortality rate in birds. While mammals aren’t catching the virus at the same rate as birds, they aren’t immune to the effects: bird flu has a global WHO mortality rate of greater than 50 percent for humans.” — because the enforced cull rate is 100%. Let’s talk to the biggest egg producer in the US and ask how his birds have 100% escaped this rampant plague…

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10 months ago

They must maintain a level of fear among the populace to keep control.
Like the climate lies for the last 60 years which are laughably always wrong.
“Please save us almighty government”
So people will want safety and not freedom.

Luis Meriño Vásquez
Luis Meriño Vásquez
10 months ago

They say they are planning a big pandemic for 2025… There is an account in Twitter who speaks about this and it’s horrible and very very scary. 🙁