Trans and MK Ultra (

“I was banned twice by twitter for this thread, once an immediate return on deletion of tweet and the second a ban of 12 hours. I have now deleted 10 tweets. The ins and outs of these bans are absurd and will take a while to explain, so will have to wait for another post.”

This gives some good insights for those of us not aware of or not so familiar with mind control. 

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Wow there is a lot of information on her blog with all the links. Is Fritz writing and active again that’s what it looks like?

1 year ago

Two things came to my mind when reading Cathy Fox’s post:

1) The reference to “Juno” on the dog tag might be Elliott Page — formerly Ellen — who starred in “Juno” the film and who came out as trans in late 2020. “Elliott” is another emergent “goddess” to be worshiped as such by viewers through the Hollywood religion in which almost everyone big-time is t****y.

2) I think that red shoes indicate that this EPA Audrey/Aiden is a fully initiated mind-controlled member in the death-cult.