The Truth About Child Abduction Statistics in 2023 (

  • Every year, approximately eight million children are reported missing worldwide
  • In the US, 2300 children are reported missing per day 
  • Strangers abduct less than 1% of missing children
  • Parents are accountable for over 90% of abductions
  • In the US, nearly 400 000 youth were abducted in 2020
  • Every two minutes, a child is reported missing in Europe
  • In 2019, Turkey had an abduction rate of 14.86 cases per 100,000 people
  • In Europe, one-third of missing children were found by the police in 2020

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7 days ago

This is one report I had to have courage to read.
While I cannot prove it otherwise I felt the whole article was cosmeticized. Some weak points:
“ Parental abduction is the main type of kidnapping in the US. … This mislabeling inflates statistics and creates a perception that stranger danger is around every corner.” IT IS around every corner. (Germany busted in 2021 a p*rn site with children that had over 400. 000 subscribers. They busted the site, not the subscribers. And it was one site in 2021. 400.000 free pedophiles!!! on that site alone.)
“ Fear of human trafficking, child abuse, and other crimes is very real in these scenarios, and while they account for a small proportion of all missing child cases, the impact is devastating.” A small proportion? I really doubt it!
“ Based on reports from the FBI over the last ten years, fewer than 350 children were abducted annually by strangers”. I don’t buy it! They forgot mentioning that special cathegory of abducted /never to be found children that ended up in the elite’s basements, killed, sacrificed, eaten.

7 days ago
Reply to  crisspf

Not to mention those born underground who were never accounted for to begin with. They are real human beings, too, and the Father does not forget them.

7 days ago
Reply to  lgageharleya

I know, that is why I can see why things speed up. Time compressed. …and everything that was predicted happens with swiss precision. It’s for this plague alone (that is abusing and killing the innocents) that our world will soon end (and there are so many other things. still, this is the worst of them all!). To think that someone can find pleasure in provoking pain to a child, in cutting off the light in his eyes and taking away his laughter and joy makes me sick. To think there are so many children that are tortured to death… This is not without effect. So, yes, The Father that loves each one of them just as much as he loves me and you will allow this world to end.

John Smith
John Smith
7 days ago

The worst part of all this is that most of the time it’s the parents selling their children to these parasites. Lara Logan, independent reporter & truther, said that the reason these scumbags are so invested in child trafficking is because it’s the #1 worst thing they can do to upset the Lord. Jesus made it very clear that to anyone who planned to “harm one of these children, or cause them to stumble,” would be better off tying a millstone around their neck & jumping into the sea.

So these Luciferians do what they do with the express purpose of hurting God as badly as they can. Which must be THE DUMBEST thing I can possibly imagine…

7 days ago
Reply to  John Smith

“ the #1 worst thing they can do to upset the Lord”
I agree

6 days ago

Hollywood = Evil!!!
In Hollywood, many stars use Adrenochrome!!!
Mel Gibson has spoken directly on the subject:
I don’t know how to break it to you gently.…
Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia.
They are using and abusing kids.
They churn through a huge amount of kids every year.
Their spiritual beliefs, if you can call them that, direct them to harvest the energy of the kids.
They feast on this stuff and they thrive on it.
What do I mean? This isn’t some kind of artistic abstraction.
They harvest the blood of children. They eat their flesh.
They believe this gives them life force.
If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.
There is a creative and loving force inside most of us that guides us through life.
These people don’t have this. For them it’s the opposite.
Hollywood is drenched in the blood of innocent children.
For a long time all the references to pedophilia and cannibalism were symbolic or allusive.
But I was personally introduced to the practice in the early 2000s.
I can talk about this now because these people, the execs, they’re dead now.
The blood of a sexually abused infant is considered highly ‘enriched’ and is highly prized!!!