'Letting out my Demons' (2023) – New album by Trevor Something

I’ve really enjoyed Trevor’s music in the past, consistently good. Knowing what I know now thanks to Vigilant Citizen and others, some signs were there all along, but this new release is so much more blatant.

What I’ve noticed:
Devil horns placed on the forehead
One-eye symbolism
Baphomet downward hand gesture
Hellfire throughout
Demonic image on his right shoulder, in the pattern of his jacket
Demonic women on either side of him

Let me know if I’ve missed anything. This reminds me of that Eminem album cover, doing too much at once and looking really ugly for it.

What do you think?

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1 year ago

The diamonds in the title lettering and money floating about implies that he sold his soul for wealth. There’s also what appear to be ravens, which generally don’t have a positive connotation. The text used for his name is the old-style computer font, which implies that he is controlled.

Henri Aeiou
Henri Aeiou
1 year ago

This guy is a clown. His music was really never good enough to be granted free advertisement here. His album cover is clearly homage to the trashy album covers from Master P’s No Limit imprint in the 90s so it’s not like it’s some clever occult event worthy of dissemination. He’s actually so obscure that I’m convinced who ever posted this vigilantlink is Trevor himself.

1 year ago

It’s interesting he’s biting the Russian style. The squat, the mask, the workout outfit looks a bit like Adidas.. it’s strange even anime has been biting Russian words, names, stories. Meanwhile Russia is turning ‘Western’ thanks to Putin who says he doesn’t want them to be Western but does all he can to force them to give up their culture, customs and race by shoving as many Arabs Indiana and ‘Africans’ in the country