Global Warming (Whoops!) I Mean, Climate Change, is a Real Stinker (

First, low flow toilets that leave leavings twirling about in gentle, hypnotically swirling waves (after you’ve flushed three times to finally clean-ish water, what have you really saved..? Is this the modern staring into the flames of a fire..?) to now, this.

I suppose it is one way to further enforce voluntary work-from-home, as no one wants to be the the office Pig Pen miasma of funk. 

You will pay more for appliances that don’t work and you will like it!

To people who come here and bemoan there is no positive news, or “what do we DO?” – this is an opening – learn to repair appliances that actually work. I’m sensing that your future business opps will be overflowing. Have people pay you in food, goods or other services. If they want to regress us to more pungent times, let’s regress – trade with each other. 

What do you think?

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1 year ago

My wife wanted to “upgrade” our multi-decade old washer and dryer and I held my ground because of crap like this. Sure, there’s no touch screens or fancy stuff, but they WORK. The ONLY thing I’ve had to do is replace a valve that stuck open from sand from our well getting in. I’m sure the PtB just want to be able to monitor everything we do, and so they’re forcing us to use new appliances that can lock us out should our social credit score drop low enough. Not bowing in fealty to the trans priests and priestesses of Venus? No clean clothes for you!

1 year ago

Superb advice!

Also, how much longer are they going to think they’re convincing us that global warming is due to us leaving a light on, or running our washing machines once a week, when we all know already that 90% of the world’s pollution is caused by major oil and manufacturing corporations. I refuse to accept their blame. Idiots.

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1 year ago
Reply to  lgageharleya

Mike Rowe is awesome. And yep, during the Great Depression, those were the only men who were able to maintain steady work ~ mechanics, repairmen, farmers and people who made essentials and worked with their hands ~ they’ll always be needed.