Exclusive: U.S. Officials Address ‘Asymmetric Warfare’ In Recent Train Derailments | TIMCAST (

The United States has recently experienced numerous high-profile incidents involving the destruction of critical infrastructure, including fires…

THERE we go…they’re finally acknowledging the overwhelming “coincidences” and the blame game begins. 

Of course, it’s bad actors attacking our military:

“One common denominator among the spate of recent train derailments is that many have occurred along a key railway system used by the military — the U.S. Department of Defense’s Strategic Rail Corridor Network, otherwise known as STRACNET.”

Certainly not our own bad actors attacking our food supply, etc.

What do you think?

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11 months ago

The US Military is well aware of its supply lines across the US by rail for heavy shipments, and protects them from sabotage using extraordinarily advanced rail tracking systems. Michael Shrimpton correctly advised that the train derailment in Ohio was due to the swapping of load bearing parts with ones constructed with high mileage defects. They use train manifest data and swap parts with essentially a 100% chance of derailment somewhere along a toxic chemical shipment route. This is not really possible on military train shipments of highly sensitive material due to the tight security and AI parts monitoring systems.

As per usual, there is no discussion surrounding the facts that:

A) There is a proxy war in Ukraine between the USAr and USSaR,
B) This proxy war came immediately following the cessation of a 2 year bioweapon “accidental” release, which they used as the emergency to pass the Kheres (Hebrew word for Solar) Act, which gave the immediate permission for the installation of 5G communications network that the US government has dubbed as critical infrastructure
C) During the forced house arrest of the Earth’s populace a ship “accident” blocked the Suez for the first time since modern computing navigation was added to ships in the 1990s, and all supply chains were disrupted
D) During the forced house arrest of the Earth’s populace the largest wealth transfer in the history of the world occurred from the majority of the populace into the hand’s of the global oligarchy, including those like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, who are heavily financed by and involved with the US Military
E) The Earth’s economies printed nearly half of all currency in circulation today during a 2 year period
F) There was a campaign to cajole/force most of the world’s populace to accept graphene-hydroxide based injections containing verified nanotechnology that interacts through data transfers over short length high bandwidth grid areas, which allow for tremendously detailed, block by clock tracking of the populace, followed by an extraordinary increase in excess deaths of the young healthy populace
G) There has been an enormous increase in the research publications and patents over the past 5-7 years across the world from black-ops associated universities and private research labs, regarding use of graphene based nanotechnology in the manufacture of the food supply.
H) The Farmland of the United States and most of the world has been increasingly consolidated into the hands of the corporate oligarchy, tightening their grip on the food supply in general.

If we track the high profile rail and transport sabatoges, zootonic viral outbreaks, and manufacturing “accidental” fires since 2022, we find that they have been in areas which are key to the food infrastructure, the one in East Palestine, blanketing the entire US mid great lakes region, and contaminating the water supply of the Ohio river, which serves and feeds into the main waterways for US Agriculture from Pennsylvania down to Lousiana.

The Frogs are starting to notice the water is getting hot.

11 months ago
Reply to  444Gem

This is the best summation of the past 2 years’ activity that I’ve read to date.

11 months ago
Reply to  444Gem