Adrenochrome being sold online…

Adrenochrome being sold online…SOURCE HERE

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1 year ago

I’m not sure what the line from the N is, sticking off (hummingbird sipping nectar?) but the rest reminds me of the white rabbit they love to stage everywhere around these kids.
Which would make sense, rabbits are prey animals, timid, blind to what’s in front of them (eyes on the sides of their heads) jumpy, fearful and abrupt shocks can literally scare them to death. They can be taught to be very docile and petlike, but they can still frighten very easily and their responses can be explosive.
Also, H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide, which, in 35% food grade strength can sear intact skin, I call it the living embodiment of the Holy Spirit, it scalds away anything impure at all. In therapeutic dosages it can be used in ways most people couldn’t imagine and it works wonders. H2O3 (or is it H2O5?) is…what? Is this another form of ozone? What does the nitrogen do?
Or do I misinterpret this diagram entirely?