WSJ News Exclusive | Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, U.S. Agency Now Says (

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Energy Department has concluded that the Covid pandemic most likely arose from a laboratory leak, according to a classified intelligence report recently provided to the White House and key members of Congress.

The  shift by the Energy Department, which previously was undecided on how the virus emerged, is noted in an update to a 2021 document by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines’s office.

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1 year ago

This is simply a bald-faced attempt to keep people believing that “viruses” are real, are transmissible, and are causative of disease. The Luciferians can (and do) muck around in their creepy laBORatories all they want, but that doesn’t mean they are manufacturing what they say they are. Besides, they don’t require a “virus” to poison us; they’ve concocted all sorts of black magic pharmaceuticals, pesticides/herbicides, and other deadly chemicals which are rife in the environment and ritually “leaked from a lab” (or a train car) quite intentionally to cause harm.

Also, I no longer believe anything the government or media says.