Olympic Snowboarders Suing Former Coach, Federation, USOPC for Sex Trafficking (

Three former members of the United States Ski and Snowboard teams have filed a lawsuit against their former coach, theU.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee,…

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1 year ago

As long as people desire to be a part of any high-level organization or institution, they are signing up for abuse, especially sexual abuse. All systems within the overarching Satanic/Luciferian social construct — which we have been bludgeoned into believing is reality — are inverted and perverted as a means of openly mocking the Divine Order and with the intention of “owning” (i.e., enslaving) all living beings through the most horrific death-cult processes.

I’m not blaming the victims here. I am simply saying that if you want to hang with the artificially elevated psychopaths in the systems created *for them*, you’re gonna pay the price. No brochure enclosed, of course, meaning that I was hoodwinked for a while along with most people.