James Bond novels to be reissued with racial references removed (

The changes to the spy novels include the removal of the N-word and omitting references to the ethnicity of minor characters

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1 year ago

Who ARE these people? Mark Twain once said, there’s nothing half so much minding as other people’s business. Bowdlerizers like these must be making a cottage industry out of mangling good literature.

1 year ago

“Ever wondered why JAMES BOND was called ‘James BOND’? Why the surname BOND? Let me take you back to 1980 – towards the end of programming by BRITISH INTELLIGENCE for the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY: Quite a few of the course were presented with BONDS – GOVERNMENTAL BONDS. Each GOVERNMENTAL BOND contained their encoded mind control strings. I was given something different – not a GOVERNMENTAL BOND. RIMINGTON crowed with delight: “You are only worth a GIRO – get it?” She presented me with a piece of paper which looked like a BOND – about A5 size and of cream colour – with a silvery emblem embossed at the top of it. However, it was a BENEFITS cheque for the sum of £803.97. I didn’t get it. RIMINGTON slowly enunciated the word: “GI – RO. ROE – get it?” I was a ‘human egg’ slave a ZYGOTE SLAVE – one of the ‘little fishes’ who laid ‘roe’ for the ILL. I still didn’t get it because at that point – I had little or no memories of what had been done to me that year. I was almost a complete blank. I stared at her. This insane woman shrieking with laughter at her own inane jokes. The ILL system of GOVERNMENTAL BONDS is ludicrously simple. Everybody thinks that they are just about investments/money but they also contain the coded information and mind control codes of every ROYAL SLAVE. In short, these BONDS represent REAL PEOPLE who are MIND CONTROL SLAVES. The BANK OF ENGLAND has a ‘dual system’ in operation here: 1. MONEY 2. HUMAN BONDAGE/SLAVERY.”

  • Ex MI6