Hillbilly Deluxe (Satan Worship is Real)

I know there are some who don’t understand or believe that worshipping satan is real. The symbolism just can’t be denied. Inverted cross, devil horns, skulls and bones. 

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Wait one darn minute here… We must put our foot down for this small minority called hillbillies. This is cultural appropriation and mocking of hillbillies among other things by these city slicker khazars, it just like the grabbing and worshipping of Indian gods, it is outrageous! We witness black face in reverse, the hillbilly population does not deserve these khazar musicians poking fun at them they need to be sued, how dare they! CERN also needs sued for cultural appropriation of Indian goddess Kali as well as anyone doing the tongue out face who is not ancient Egyptian or Indian. Enough is enough, we cannot tolerate or ignore this behavior.

Airplane Clouds
Airplane Clouds
1 year ago
Reply to  marie

It’s HELLbilly