Google on the birthday of a one legged Haitian model vs. Google on Easter

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1 year ago

Quick riff:
First G has the steps towards illumination.
Fire (sun, Maahes) in the west and winds in the east (divided bridge over waters) and both cause serious upheavals in the waters in either region.
The woman wears the corona/crown and is haloed entirely in the sun (ISIS – this is the year of Melissa, Queen Bee, and we will see much of Queen Bey) and her false (transhuman) right leg, knee and ankle resemble eyes. It is blurry for me, but the calf, extending upwards into the knee looks like fins. She is coming out of the waters with this bionic support, yet needs green bracing/cane support? Just learning to walk on land…?(Marine kingdom, eroticism, Sun Sets in the west…).
The waterfall looks unnatural, like some reptile water face mouth open in gleeful hunger.
Upside down, the “beach sand” now looks like another type of reptile in a similar greedy posture.