'Dystopian': Doctor says patient with 'high chance of cure' chose assisted suicide over treatment (

A doctor who oversaw hundreds of patients looking to hasten their deaths through Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying Program (MAID), including a cancer patient with a 65% chance of a cure, worries that the program has gone too far and is “missing fundamental safeguards for vulnerable people.”

In a recent op-ed published by the Canadian magazine Maclean’s, MAID provider Dr. Madeline Li stressed that she doesn’t believe the assisted suicide program, which has been expanded over the years, should be offered to the mentally ill or patients with curable conditions who refuse treatment. She called it the “medicalization of suffering.” 

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1 year ago

Or kids…or kids who are mentally ill.

My friends dad has just died of bowel cancer. He couldn’t walk, had to be cared for for everything. He had been a proud, active man. The dignity that people lose makes it something we all consider I think…if it got that bad – would I want to live?

After COVID and the medazolam issues …and even the ones prior to this- I’m worried we’re setting precedents all the time. Whereas before, if your conscience would allow it, maybe – with well drawn up rules, and heavily safeguarded and regulated – it could have been an answer for some. But not now. They cannot be trusted. They just can’t.

I say the above but I don’t really believe in ppl taking their life in any real way…but after thinking about the loss of dignity – it’s just awful.

Disappointed not surprised
Disappointed not surprised
1 year ago
Reply to  Rosey

Care for others helps society to be more compassionate and helpful. Jesus has compassion on all and cared for those who needed care. Life isn’t easy and caring for those in need instead of disposing of them is essential to a healthy society. People are not trash or animals…be kind to those in need.