Taika Waititi attacked for "transphobic" tweets

Taika Waititi, the director of Marvel’s “Gayest Movie Ever,” aka Disney’s “Thor: Love and Thunder,” is facing significant controversy over a number of previous tweets that woke activists have labeled “transphobic.”

Nice one eye sign in your profile pic, Taika. Here is another from one of the articles below:

“I think, innately, humans have all got some degree of queerness in them,” the Oscar-winning writer-director told Out.

He acts as a gay man in half of his films, and he even made Blackbeard the pirate gay! Not to mention claiming that “non-binary” people were rampant in those times.

Waititi is clearly not “phobic”, but in real life a woke extremist and as I discussed in my previous post about Jeremy Renner, Waititi is a dangerous promoter of p@edophilia. Be careful of him.

This article was reposted after an error regarding some of the resources included failed to upload.

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30 days ago

So you give him the attention he craves by reposting his tweet?

30 days ago
Reply to  Y???

Do you not know the purpose of vigilantlinks?