Centuries of Death: 5 Ancient Cultures That Practiced Human Sacrifice (

Romans The Romans had strict beliefs against the practice of human sacrifice. It was seen as the practice of uncivilized people and that many of their rituals derived from past rituals that may have once involved human sacrifices. This included the ritual of the Argei in which straw figures were thrown into the Tiber river, …

‘Hermaphroditic children were also sacrificed by drowning. The sacrifice of children largely came from the belief that they were evil or damaged.’

While reading the following link, please keep the Transgender and all other current political ‘movements’ in mind. Remember, per the Nag Hammadi who reins over water and earth (Elohim). The next post will be posted within 48 hours. 

“I prefer you to make mistakes in kindness than work miracles in unkindness.”- Mother Teresa 

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1 year ago

The a.I. that wrote this, isn’t very coherent

1 year ago

Steer clear of the gnostic texts. They are not light and truth. They are occlusion and lies. The Lord set us free from bondage by the simple Gospel of our washing in the blood of Jesus that we may be free from sin, clothed in His righteousness. Human sacrifice was an attempt to bridge the gap between man and gods, but only the perfect, sinless Lamb of God could do so. No amount of “knowledge” can add to that work or complete it, for it is already complete. By adding “knowledge” to the requirements, you are saying that God is wrong, and that it is your efforts, not His, that bring salvation.

Who are you to declare that you have enough knowledge to attain salvation? Who are you to declare that those who do not strive as hard as you are undeserving of God’s love? After all, if we who are “unenlightened” can’t achieve enlightenment, it must be because God’s love is conditional. But it is not conditional “For God so loved the World He gave his only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

We know that the Nag Hammadi codices are against God because we can forensically test the eyewitness statements of the Four Gospels and find them to be true, thus validating the rest of the Gospel accounts which contradict the accounts in the codices of Gnosticism. If they contradict, the false one must be discarded. The truth is in the Gospels, so the contradictions of Gnosticism must go.

You cloak everything in half-explanations, hiding what it is you really mean, enticing those who desire self-enlightenment to dig deeper. But the supposed “truths” that you conceal lead only to death. There is no salvation in your words. You claim to use the name of Elohim, but you break His own command to not misuse His name. By claiming the knowledge of God, but presenting that which is contrary, you are taking His authority from him and are at risk of the fires of Hell! Repent, and turn to Jesus! Only He can save you! You are on a sinking ship, declaring that it can float if you just KNOW how to believe, but Jesus is right there on a ship that actually floats, and all He asks is that you accept the life preserver that He is throwing to you!