Balenciaga 2.0: Ukrainian Company Gorsad Kyiv Glamourizes Pedophilia And Child Abuse By Producing Disturbing Images For Photography Projects (

If you thought “Balenciagagate” was over, think again. A company in Ukraine that specializes in alternative photography produces content that glamourizes the sexualization and abuse of children.

What do you think?

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20 days ago

Ukraine & Russia = Good cop, bad cop. It’s a pre-orchestrated game to implement changes desired by the Luciferian ‘elite’. The thousands killed? Inconsequential cattle of no significance or worth except for the role they play as expendable pawns.

20 days ago

Why aren’t these people in jail? Isn’t this alone enough evidence they are abusing and trafficking children?

20 days ago

NOTE TO REGULAR VC/VL READERS: This is my rant. I have to do it. I hope you can comprehend why.

I’m not going to get into current world, federal, state, or local politics, because I am of the mind that all governments are filled with tyrants and wanna-be-tyrants who repulsively thrive on controlling everyone and everythink. This is based on more than a decade of my deep research (not quantified in “years” but in “thousands of hours,” by the way).

That said, this repulsive network of child abuse and human trafficking, regardless of age, is the sign on the road we must all read clearly: We’ve been deceived, mislead, misguided, and mocked by black magicians and their cushy-job-keeping career clowns. It’s time to take back our Creator-given senses and take appropriate action against these atrocities.

At the very least, we must stop spending money and time on tv, cable, Netflix, theater movies, junk food (whether purchased in a restaurant or a grocery store), video games, magazines, “professional” sports, music and videos and anything made or promoted by Hollywood, voting, and most obviously, p**n.

Also, get out of your government job, whether it’s for the military or fed or state or county or (most) local “institutions.” That means teachers, too. If you stay, you’d better be one tough cookie to remain as free as possible while helping others learn to do so.

I know, you don’t like me saying that politics and voting are a waste of time. Well, think about this:

With the billions of dollars in “taxpayer” extortion fees collected each year, have the “elected representatives” done anything to stop child p**n and human trafficking? No, they have not.

But they can fly all over the world for photo ops on our dime, show up at random funerals and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and try every trick in the book to force us to give up our Creator-given Rights for nearly three years, because “people get sick” (remember that?).

With that pathetic and yet tyrannical image of them in mind, go back and look at all those disgusting images of children being exploited in the most horrendous ways, and tell me if your or any government is doing anything — or ever will — to stop it, immediately and forever.

14 days ago

I feel the same about all this. 100% true. We need to ban every sign of abuse and stop being coward and selfish.

…you know, it hurts so much to see photos with children that indicate abuse. It is traumatic for me to try to imagine, let alone their dispair, horror, pain, dreams fallen apart, hope for love and life turning to ashes. …we also need to pray for these poor children