UK Parliament COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Debates Deleted by YouTube

UK Parliament: Potential Harms of Vaccines 2022

Andrew Bridgen MP debates Potential Harms of Vaccines
House of Commons, UK Parliament: 13th December 2022

UK Parliament: COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Bill 2022

Sir Christopher Chope’s COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Bill
House of Commons, UK Parliament: 2nd March 2022

Both of the above videos were deleted by YouTube, classified as “medical misinformation”

Appeals for the reinstatement of the videos stated that the videos are “public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence” and copyright of UK Parliament. Footage is of UK MPs debating Vaccine Safety and Adverse Reactions in the House of Commons. Videos and Transcripts are public domain on the UK Parliament website. Concerns are raised by MPs based on peer-reviewed papers, reported Adverse Reactions, etc. and context is given by a government medical expert who clearly counters MPs concerns about vaccine safety, repeating that the vaccines are safe and effective. Everything in the videos is verifiably factual, there’s just two different perspectives being debated… 

Appeals against the removal of content were both rejected

YouTube’s COVID-19 medical misinformation policy:

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Matt Laughlin
Matt Laughlin
1 year ago

Where are the “experts ” on the pro-jab side who are willing to openly debate? Ask Steve Kirsch…

1 year ago

Thank you for posting. Saw these on Twitter too.