So a "former" Army psychological ops officer led a group to the capitol on Jan 6 and is a person of interest in the NC power station attack? (

These attacks on power stations are most likely government-sponsored terror. The media story that a bunch of right-wingers did this to shut down a drag show seems absurd. And yet again, and seems to be the norm- A “Conservative” Army psychological operations officer is being “questioned” then “cleared” from the same Sheriff she had known and had taken pictures with in 2020. They aren’t even good at these psy ops lol I’ve noticed that these operations, instead of taking months or years to unravel, are now taking literally hours or days now to unravel. The cover up always leads to the truth it seems.

What do you think?

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k t
k t
1 year ago

no surprise. the govt. predicted this in the news. including the fires all over the country. the high gas prices , the population shift( replacdment) it can all be seen as ( triggered)
predicted in news and other media, as far back as 1982. When i started paying attention.

1 year ago

Rainey is a Jewish name. Do you see the pattern yet?