MLB Legend’s Daughter Arrested for Hiding Newborn in the Woods (

Manchester New Hampshire PoliceThe homeless daughter of MLB Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley is facing felony charges after she misled authorities about the location of her abandoned newborn baby in forest surrounding Manchester, New Hampshire. Police say they got a call at about 12:40 a.m. Monday about a woman who had given birth in the woods. They said the mother, 26-year-old Alexandra Eckersley, had told them to head to a particular location where she had given birth in a tent…

Now why would a lady of a famous man leave a baby in the woods? 

What does the fox really say?

What do you think?

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1 year ago

It says she was homeless?

1 year ago

Interesting bit of background. She has a known mental illness, has been homeless for years and was adopted at birth.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rosey

Thanks Rosey for posting that… (from 2019). The poster asked “Why would a lady…?”…
it’s all right there, and most people can’t see beyond the recent result to the origin because of the gas lighting we’ve all been subjected to by the prevailing for-profit dogma that serves the usurpation agenda. My TMI comments on this event are in no way meant to detract from the heinous experience(s) her newborn endured – exactly the opposite in fact; I’m describing her child’s plight/trajectory as well, who will no doubt, be ‘adopted’ or ‘fostered’, living with the influential impact of abandonment/substitute parenting. I work wholistically with people who experience this (& other) type of very-early-&-early-trauma-survival to get out from under it’s influence; with astonishing success (I’ve learned excellent tools), and that’s the perspective I offer. I’m Blessed to do the healing work I’ve been guided to do, and acknowledging ‘what is’ is the necessary first bit.

The mainstream ConMedpHARMa definition/concept of “mental illness” AND their pseudo-treatments are deliberate bollox; pure gas lighting … it’s why the problem only proliferates everywhere. The devastating traumas that destabilize people & set their trajectory early in life – preverbal; before one can even form words – go unaddressed, compounded, & unresolved… because the industry’s profits multiply from being willfully ignorant of Humans’ actual (Holistic/Wholistic) needs, suppressing & ignoring actual (Holistic/Wholistic) solutions, and compounding their traumas every chance they get in every way they can (segmenting & disconnecting every part/aspect of a Human’s being that is innately & fundamentally an interconnected & interdependent whole; we are dissected & disintegrated by the mainstream philosophy/approach). It’s classic satanic inversion; name something to sound good/ benevolent & make it be the opposite.

“…”We have left no stone unturned in seeking the help, resources, programs and professionals she has needed throughout her life…. She’s taking her meds. She’s got food stamps.”… “Can you let them know I checked into a Riverbend supported emergency unit to get back on track,” the email read. “(I) was there two nights and left last night. Went there on my own.” Let them know. Her thoughts are geared to the people who raised her, the people who wrote to me that Allie has seen “countless therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, neurologists and child health advocates….” 
Stockholm Syndrome. Results are clear of this outsourcing-symptom-management-dependent-dependant approach that allows/requires ignoring the cause of any internal motivations entirely.

“As a family, we have been devoted to her health and wellbeing. We have given her unconditional love, nurturing and support….”
“Allie said she was in one facility or another from the age of 6 on. For mental health. For behavioral trouble. Even a lock-down hospital. …” “At age two Allie was diagnosed with mental illness,” the Eckersley family statement read, “which worsened considerably through the years, leading to multiple hospitalizations and eventually institutionalization….”
More Results.

That child didn’t experience those incarcerations as “unconditional love nurturing & support” or as nonjudgmental empathy; it was purely judgmental & more trauma for her, heaped on by both familiars & strangers pretending to be benevolent (the past 2 years for all of us in example of that specific concept); all that repeatedly compounded her destabilization without contributing any healing whatsoever. Healing is not what the system sells… expensive, neurotoxic drugs & incarcerations is what it sells; exacerbation of symptoms & creating additional symptoms is what rakes in the profits, while gas lighting the public that “our “mental health system is the best/only way available” and by rebuking, denigrating & deviously invalidating actual solutions for the cause(s). Rockefeller put into motion a self-perpetuating profit machine (“Competition is a sin” professed the abandoned son of a snake-oil-selling con-man; and optimal, robust physical, emotional, & mental health is superior competition for the sickness-profit machine). Read all about the history & methods of the ‘mental health’/psychiatric/psycho-pHARMa industry from the best exposure/watchdog that exists: CCHR (Citizens Commission for Human Rights; ) Do not slam me for where this comes from – even a broken clock is right twice a day; no-one else exposes that factual history & current Truths this deeply or clearly. Though they do not address Primal Period trauma… birth ( does, and Dr. Gabor Mate does (search his name on yt, his talks are stunningly direct & enlightening).

“… “Those little things they did do that were good, I want them to outweigh the bad,” Allie said. “But somehow, they haven’t.”
Go figure, the most dismissive thing one can do is call someone “mentally ill”; “blaming the victim” is what they did to a small child (they were dutifully & robotically acting out their own gas lighted perspective). The substitute parents never showed her empathy for, addressed – or probably even acknowledged – her chronic grief at losing her Mother & Father, so never made any effort to guide her or facilitate her completion of her internal grief process; yes babies & children need that just as older people do, even more in fact… the younger we are the more easily & deeply we can be wounded. Even when biological parents treat their child cruelly, the child deeply still loves & wants/needs that mother/father to cherish them. She said this outright exactly:
**“What I’ve wanted my entire life is to be accepted by my own family.** In my own home, I felt like an outsider, an outcast.”
The need for acceptance & resolution of her own devastating core Truth – heartbreak, chronic grief & complex trauma imprinted by losing her Mother & Father so early (1st sentence) to be acknowledged & facilitated was obviously withheld, while foreign & unrealistic expectations (traumatized infants are *not* a blank slate), judgement, victim-blaming-mentally-ill-labeling & incarcerations were imposed by those who re-homed her, regardless (2nd sentence, re: her substitute parents). She is very likely unaware consciously of this delineation herself – we’ve *all* been gaslighted into believing it is of no consequence and not even relevant to have empathy for ourselves when we have been/are traumatized. Believing lies, propaganda, & falsehoods weakens us & makes us easier to manipulate & control; it’s all done very methodically & purposefully. In very many cases, ‘adoption’ is nothing more than thinly-veiled Human trafficking; which is more common than commonly understood.

“… And yet Allie has ideas, goals, vision. She wants to go to college and join the medical field. She wants to be innovative, saying the homeless can do landscaping at a special facility, just for them, maybe paint walls, not pay rent. Maybe learn to garden. Maybe use funds to buy an abandoned building. Maybe bring the issue out of the woods, where it hides like a tent in the underbrush…. Allie wants to work in the mental health field, give back, use her experience to help others.
“I want to be someone who people can relate to,” Allie said. “I want people to know there really is hope in the world, or there is someone who has gone through something similar to what they have gone through. I want them to see the progress I’ve made, that even in the roughest times, there is still hope that everything will be okay.”
“… Allie says she’s been accepted to two colleges, New Hampshire Technical Institute and Granite State College….”

She desires going into the “medical field” because that’s where she’s – we’ve all – been gaslighted into believing we’ll find healing; the sickness industry is full-to-bursting with a staff of walking wounded who go into it – devote their lives to it – believing there is healing there for themselves & others. Typically – overwhelmingly – there isn’t. At the same time, she’s clear & clearly expresses that a multi-faceted, Wholistic empathy-based approach is optimal & required for personal healing & progress to occur; her deeply insightful perspective on that is authentic, organic, & laser-accurate.

The real kicker is, her adoptive parents are multi-millionaires – they could (have) set up her foundation & fund her dream of her center… of living her life in a healing way, helping others by giving of herself from the core of what she really & deeply knows of Human needs that need to be met, of expressing empathy & existing & interacting day-to-day with people who can receive her empathy and also have & return empathy & appreciation for her too. “Be the change you want to see in the world” is what she wants to do; empathy is healing, and that life would be a congruent, rewarding win-win-win for her & others without a doubt. So, “unconditionally loving, nurturing & supportive” (as they claimed) multi- millionaire parents could make that happen – if they really were, because Love finds a way; unconditional love makes the way. They’re not; they’re ignorant products of the system that promotes ignorance for profit ( and that is their chosen option, if we hold them to their own standards of responsibility here that they have set for her; everything unfortunate simply being a matter of “personal free choice”). Their daughter did a criminal act by acting out her own unspeakable early trauma, and she’ll be incarcerated (yet again) in a for-profit prison system. She is another canary in our collective institutionalized mother/family-destroying, trauma-perpetuating coal mine.

((Rockefeller)) “Medicine is a cult of hype. And far too many people have let themselves be conditioned to make decisions on obscure bits of data spoon fed by the media and doctors who quote ads rather than science.” ~Shane Thepeopleschemist Ellison

“Care that seeks to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and enhance the quality of life, is not considered medically necessary.” — Medicare (MCM 2251.3)

“…The healthcare systems we work in are sick and getting sicker. And that makes the people who work in them sick. We need a serious re-evaluation of healthcare workplaces…” RN commenting on Medscape 2-24-2020 article titled ‘We Must Address the Mental Health Crisis Among Medical Professionals’

“ Of all the anti-social vested interests, the worst is the vested interest in ill-health. “ 
~ George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Please excuse the redundant elaboration of my other comments if this gets approved… Sunlight is the best disinfectant & a key to understanding solutions is knowing how we’re – at the origin; fundamentally causing – setting people on self-destructive & other destructive trajectory patterns by abusing/disrupting Humans during the Primal Period of development & early life. Also key… knowing the solutions already exist simply by turning in the opposite direction. Our success stories never make ‘the news’.

1 year ago
Reply to  AmaraGrace

12 needs & Complex Trauma
Bible references, nonjudgmental, not ‘preachy’; laser accurate.

1 year ago
Reply to  AmaraGrace

Thank you again.

1 year ago
Reply to  AmaraGrace

1000% agree with everything you’ve stated here, and that as an insider – both as a nurse and as a person who identifies very closely with Allie in so many ways. My mother didn’t send me away, but she married an abusive man and then abandoned us to him as she devoted all her time, energy and emotional resources to her work/patients at our expense.

I’ve been incarcerated on those lockdown units more than once, called crazy most of my life, worthless, a waste, loser, unlikable, etc.
And, like Allie, I recognized the entirely spiritual problems behind all mental illnesses long ago, the absolute void of acknowledgement in allopathic approach and how not only useless but destructive they are, and have wanted to turn my experiences around in order to reach others because my story is not even close to the most heartbreaking I’ve heard from those around me all these years.

I would love to be able to communicate with you further if you are amenable because I am only beginning to understand the in vitro traumas as I’ve been trying to excavate the depths of myself. I would also love to have a better grasp of the methods and processes in order to help others, because my own experience has been such a chaotic struggling that I haven’t yet been able to lay it all out to figure out the patterns, etc.

YHWH bless you for your heart towards people, the truth you so boldly and comprehensively lay out here and your sacrifice of self for this precious work.

1 year ago
Reply to  A E

Thank You, AE, for responding, for all your kind words & I’m grateful for the Blessing… this work is the opposite of sacrifice, it’s nourishing, rewarding & fulfilling… your receptivity is part of that… and it begets boldness by creating win-win-win success results.
I Congratulate YOU, Brilliant Soul, (in-vitro baby?… wow) for hanging in there to find healing somewhere while so burdened by such invisible & heavy obstacles; I recognize it’s been no small or easy task; grueling probably doesn’t begin to start. You can afford to be optimistic… your history will make you a particularly strong advocate & facilitator. Just as the survival & coping strategies we develop as babies/children-in-harm’s-way serve us in that time but devolve into the maladaptive burdens that hold us back later on, so now those burdens – our weaknesses – can be evolved again, they can be turned into something nourishing & do become our deepest strengths; the problem carries with it the solution. Something like this: 🙂 It’s True. 🙂
By Divine Grace I was shown a deliberate healing path by first deciding to only accept Truth & Healing information, & being defiant & obstinate enough to follow my own intuition informed by that requested Higher Guidance. My pre-&perinatal = Primal Period trauma list is for another conversation; ways of making it all consciously accessible to resolve will be shared. In conscious memory, I always found interactions with allopathy/ConMed degrading, humiliating, and repulsive besides physically painful; it felt predatory (making the very early traumas conscious revealed why I felt that way); I was also clued in young by listening to medical-professional substitute family members candidly talk amongst themselves privately, which, in hindsight I’ve realized, was clarifying about the disconnected nature of the beast (I still like to listen so I take a couple newsletters just for getting outrageous quotes; they spill the tea telling each other the Truth when their customers/targets aren’t presumed to be listening; their online forums are fertile, as in there’s a lot of manure there; it’s a train wreck I find difficult to look away from). I was deeply harmed by that beast and the ignorance of those with allegiance to it, so I very much took an “If you want something done right, do it yourself” attitude toward learning & attending to & recalibrating my own health. With clear determination, Creator answers. One of the main advantages of being the black sheep of a family is clearly knowing early that “I’m not one of them”. Going along to get along is less like being in a family & very like being in a hostage situation. I did not want to emulate them or continue along an inauthentic & painful path so I left young. I understand something of why Allie would prefer the hardships of homelessness to living under her multi-millionaire substitute family’s discordant influence; imagine having perfect pitch and being forced to listen to (your least favorite genre) music played on out-of-tune instruments loudly day after day… the Frank Loyd Wright-exquisitely-designed-opera-house venue‘s sublime acoustic perfection just makes it that much more intolerable. Way way worse.
I’d love to communicate with you – IDK how to get in touch without publishing my e-mail address :-/ Do you know another way?
I do have a lot to say about all I’ve learned under the umbrella of Wholistic healing – there is so much effective DIY self-healing instruction available and I’m keen to share the resources. I started to include links, and say a bit about each one’s nature & use… but it turned into quite a few pages. It’s saved so If allowed I’ll put them here a few at a time if no DM can be found (I don’t have a social media acct. anymore).
Anyway it’s time for wishing you/all a Blessed & Happy 2023. Keep to the eye of the storm; in other words…

“Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.” ~ Joseph Campbell

1 year ago
Reply to  A E

Thank You, AE, for responding, for all your kind words & I’m grateful for the Blessing… this work is the opposite of sacrifice, it’s nourishing, rewarding & fulfilling… your receptivity is part of that… and it begets boldness by creating win-win-win success results consistently. 
I Congratulate YOU, Brilliant Soul, (in-vitro baby?… wow) for hanging in there to find healing somewhere while so burdened by such invisible & heavy obstacles; I recognize it’s been no small or easy task; ‘grueling’ probably doesn’t begin to approach. You can afford to be optimistic… effective, efficient healing methods are available from outside-the-box; there for the taking, literally gifts.

referrals to some of what I’ve found most helpful & successful for me – a few places to start looking – so you (& anyone who wants to) can begin to get on with it, maybe capture the links into a document you can save & reference at your convenience:
The best DIY, Free-to-learn most effective self-healing process I know, from the founder, and I recommend his instruction as a beginning before anyone else: click “Gold Standard Tutorial”
near the bottom of the front page; free, full DIY tutorial pages are there. Clinical certifications available here:
here is a listing of the research that has been published to date, if you’re interested in reading something in that direction, note the PTSD category:

Also mentioned in this short and relevant talk ( (read all his writings, see videos, & If you have the means, attend his workshops; his personal history is inspiring; his work is leading-edge) 

Those who do the most teaching around pre-&perinatal consciousness & trauma specifically are under the umbrella of: ;
 they offer professional CEUs & a Prenatal & Perinatal Educator Certification also ( )
Many of their founders, members, & esteemed others’ writings can be found on this site also, under the academy roster:

It’s pretty obvious Allie & her substitute parents failed to develop a secure attachment relationship – necessary for Human development – it’s more common than commonly understood
This free Master Class – Human Attachment Project
Attachment from the perspective of complex trauma & re-parenting ourselves for self-healing

Feelings & Needs inventories – vocabulary for helping to identify one’s true inner states of being – helpful for processing grief & suppressed emotions
Needs inventory –
Feelings inventory –
From an excellent communication program: Center for Non-Violent Communication

This will all be very familiar to you AE & many others – Medical Gaslighting & Iatrogenic Injury
process process process down to neutral each next bit that surfaces

Break the Cycle: is a Magnum Opus; DIY, free self-help course that is unequalled. Even if one isn’t ready to navigate the dense & comprehensive course when initially encountered, I strongly encourage reading up to & through the table of contents, there’s a lot in the considerable lead-in before the 1st chapter; & file away that awareness in your mental archives for future consideration of achieving the benefits of working through the course.
 “My life purpose is to educate and motivate other people to protect future generations and break the toxic [wounds + unawareness] cycle that is crippling many persons, families, and our society.”  ~Peter K Gerlach

I have more to say about each of those resources, including the few more posted in a separate comment here also – if you have any questions or want more please ask.
I suggest to dedicate a journal to this & get started ‘helping yourself’… as the entire Universe/YHWH helps those who help themselves. A whole new world will likely be opened for you soon after & your next steps – and healing partners – will materialize in front of you (thank Creator for that gift before it arrives because it’s definitely on it’s way), as it was for me as I increasingly took back my own agency over my own innate healing power from the usurpers.

I’ll say too that by doing this work DIY (though I’ve engaged facilitators & teachers periodically), I’ve realized that breathing is the model & the metaphor for how to use it to best advantage – out with the toxic/negative/old & in with the nourishing/good/meeting needs, alternately, consistently. Old/negative = depleting/draining; good = nourishing/restorative/smile/lol-generating… it’s a good template to follow, you choose the timing & specifics. Balance creates harmony.

1 year ago
Reply to  AmaraGrace

I understand what you mean by nourishing as my heart is towards people, too. The dynamics of my family, both growing up with an abusive father and then living so long with an abusive husband meant I was never around many people (and when I was, I was never a part because of my awkward, intense discomfort most of the time).
I became an excellent observer, though. Initially, I didn’t think I liked people much at all (at times that is far too mildly put!) but as I’ve righted my ship back to true, I find that I can despise what people do while deeply loving the individual persons – and not just “my people” but all people. And I can always look with compassion no matter where someone is or what they’ve done, because I’ve delved some depths myself and I know it’s usually a series of steps that seem okay until one day, they’re just not anymore. 

I still have an overwhelming and explosive temper towards the unjust and liars. It is a raging pressure like an eruption and intense pressure behind my eyes and it freezes me. I literally cannot react in that moment (and that’s probably a good thing.)

People like Allie start out with everything stacked against them and the hits just relentlessly keep coming.

So many people equate “unconditional love” with:

we didn’t kick her out

she always had food, shoes and a roof

(all the other “helpful” medically-induced traumas you mentioned)

and my all time fav: we tried to “set her on the right path” – which, translated, means, we tried to instill in her how to think, feel and believe because she had been doing it all wrong and we’d heard more than enough from her out of the gates on the matter to know we had to intervene.

All the lessons and controls are externally imposed and the behaviors are those of a trapped animal desperately trying to escape the squeeze, knowing they’ll never be heard and that the only hope is to get away. I think many destructive behaviors become deliberate in a desperate attempt to force rejection from your tormentors. Make yourself so disagreeable and intolerable or at least insensible that they finally shove you away and you can breathe for a second.

Once you get away, not having ever been taught self control or how to determine what’s right in complex situations or to think at all for yourself, you become a rudderless boat, just spinning and flailing and floating wherever the tide takes you — and the people who sent you out like that see that as further confirmation of YOUR failures and mental instability.

And I entirely agree as to the breathing components. We know there are even various techniques for varying purposes and they are very effective. But it’s even in line with my spiritual beliefs and it makes perfect sense.

Very grateful for all the resources, I’ve got them all saved to review. I think I’ve finally weathered the worst of my storm, but I’d love to learn to condense my understanding so it doesn’t take the people I hope to help nearly so long as it’s taken me.

My favorite quote: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Gem said something very similar to me quite awhile ago and it was of huge help to me. Sometimes just realizing and having people you respect to confirm this is enough to take a sizable chunk off the iceberg.

1 year ago
Reply to  A E

Thank you again for responding so openly & Truthfully. I’m appreciating your clarity very much; same page absolutely. It so sucks to be bogged down all the time… a grind with no end in sight. You can diminish & resolve your pain yourself under your own steam, stepwise.
I’m feeling like telling you/all about the solution path rather than my traumatic path … though I could, as you surely could, write a book on the incessant litany of damaging offenses against little me both in the very beginning – which set an extremely sad & painful trajectory – and same song, extended verses for many years of adulthood (and I have, by journaling my healing work/accomplishments, literally written books). Because solutions are the better things I have to offer – and I’d rather give you the best I have rather than the worst. It feels *so good* to have a positive personal story to tell; many actually.
You’ll get there too.

You wrote: “… Sometimes just realizing and having people you respect to confirm this is enough to take a sizable chunk off the iceberg.”

<3 You do have some excellent skills by default -observation is just one. You've recognized & articulated (brilliantly) the healing/recalibrating power of empathy with an excellently-descriptive metaphor; you know what empathy feels like, literally because it's been such a sparse & unusual experience in your life. Empathy is required for correct Human physical/emotional development & functioning… it's a need… we continue to develop throughout our healing path via empathic/empathetic tools & people. The delineation of before effective tools & after effective tools – moving from powerless to empowered – is the demarcation of a monumental shift in development no matter when it happens.

Creator/Nature has designed the mother-baby pair as an interconnected, interdependent, symbiotic couple for this reason; for a Human to correctly develop (construct & refine the architecture of) our heart+brain/nervous system+hormonal systems (the Primal Adaptive System) functions & regulation capacity through that… by virtue of that… innate physical & energetic symbiosis. Pain meds/anesthetics/labor drugs numb both mother & baby, interrupt/displace the specifically-purposeful-for-successful-connection hormonal chemistry of birthing and blunt the heightened sensitivities of that symbiosis with one another.
(This is very thoroughly presented in Suzanne Arms’ Attachment Project Master Class)

“Never, no never, did nature say one thing and wisdom another.” ~Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

During the Primal Period (conception through 1st year), when that doesn’t happen, or happen enough(by whatever reason(s)… when recognition, acknowledgement, & satisfaction of needs – empathy/mirroring on cue – is inconsistent, absent or withheld, primal needs remain unmet and a fetus/baby stays in distress/survival mode, in fight-flight, (disregulation), and we don’t/can’t learn to recalibrate/regulate ourselves by ourselves, because the adaptive system’s functional architecture is informed to develop differently from ‘normal/optimal’; it develops incongruently. We learn to adapt in a protracted altered state of being (can happen or begin at any point in development with lasting consequences; we were never meant to stay in fight-flight for extended periods/constantly = complex trauma/CPTSD)… and what we learn first – what shapes our adaptive system architecture & functioning – becomes one’s only orientation; the skewed foundation we built our coping mechanisms, strategies, understandings capacities, & abilities on top of; it’s called ‘maladapted response pattern’; like a house built with a flawed blueprint ends up being problematic in some way(s). The supremely complex Human brain takes ~26 years – a quarter of a century – to fully develop & mature (neuroplasticity is the innate condition//advantage/gift that enables us to continue developing deliberately – to recalibrate from within, by our own choosing. Yet our entire young life is spent learning/attempting ‘self-control’… if we don’t get that early foundational architecture functionally correct, everything that follows is being built on a discombobulated, incongruent blueprint, and the way it works is consistently problematic. The physical/energetic need for & Supreme nourishment of breastmilk – whether supplied or withheld – is profoundly contributory in & of itself as well.

I’ve offered resources that will provide empathy to you (as well as tools to work with) – the people spelling out definitions & contrasting examples of what is both optimal & hindering to congruent development, how development happens or doesn’t, & how/why negative environments are so disruptive & harmful. It’s True & accurate empathy – finally… accurate mirroring; recognition & acknowledgement of deep unmet needs & Truth. Better Late Than Never, because those needs are still unmet. The satisfaction & relief from listening to these astute presenters/educators mirror your painful Truths is exactly the removal of “a sizable chunk off the iceberg”. Validation of deep personal Truth like never before. Never. When we can finally name & acknowledge the Truth of our deepest imprints, we can take advantage of neuroplasticity & direct our own restorative changes by using the the accurate awareness & tools we’ve been gifted. Gifted!
I took hypnotherapy classes to certification & found that interactive work, both as subject & facilitator, was deeply beneficial; I’ve released the certification but still employ the techniques when appropriate (often); didn’t mention it because I don’t have a reference for you on that sorry.

When I’m invited to facilitate, I offer this template (here & now, it’s a place to begin to find one’s own way as each individual’s path is unique; FWIW, it was not Humanly possible for Allie to fit herself into that narrow & rigid path her substitute parents constructed for her as their “a way to come home”; I think you said it even better than I could):
Learn & apply the Gold-Standard process to detox (exhale) the core issues/origins of obsolete/now-toxic events & patterns/habits of thought that surface (start with any; this process brings it all to the surface automatically in the perfect order for permanently resolving/healing each bit); alternately, give lovingly to yourself (Inhale) of nourishing, satisfying experiences that meet the primal needs, found in both the 12 needs talk & in the feelings & needs inventories (process every item on that feelings-from-unmet-needs inventory +follow-up every session with an action that produces any or several of the needs-met feelings’; example: processing session culminating in relief followed by a relaxing bath/soak(no synthetic/toxic additives) – or get a gentle bodywork session – where you determine to notice every good/pleasing thing about it). The process expedites deep self-recognition & healing, & can be used concurrently with other methods (except Vipassana; their boundary is no distractions from that process).
Yes! I understand intimately wanting to expedite the incalculable project of deep healing for others (make significant,life-changing progress on your own first) – this process & template is that for me and those who show up for it. It’s empathy based with a physically neurologic-recalibration effect = recognize & acknowledge what is True/the trauma event specifics, and process through it fully – be specific & persistent; it will literally collapse & the negative charge imprinted in the CNS is neutralized. Obviously the event still happened & can be remembered, but as a negative emotion-driver/hot button/energy drain/ball-&-chain-hinderance/heavy memory… it’s simply resolved/neutralized; still is what it is, absent the problematic nature of itself. Fast though, is not always the best timing… go by how it feels & let it unfold organically & agreeably; follow your inner cues, intuition is a trustworthy guide; this works as fast or slow as you’re motivated to work through it. Recalibration is possible – with additional positive application of the process (to anchor in what IS wanted/needed i.e. beneficial habits, positive self-esteem & self appreciation, attitude elevation, clarity of thinking, new skill enhancement, etc. filling in the gaps of the infrastructure allows becoming more extravagant & dynamic & creative with your good stuff: boldness 🙂 when those enormous, invisible energetic obstacles are out of the way. Unbelievable, yet absolutely True.

You will be able to fit your iceberg into a glass of ice tea and enjoy the pleasantness of having it there while you relax in ambient Gratitude.

1 year ago
Reply to  A E

Another reference (or a few)… this one is 1st in a new updated series on Complex Trauma by an excellent presenters, just beginning this week, so can be followed in real time:
As vital as the information/empathy he offers on childhood trauma is… Pre-&Perinatal trauma/complex trauma, which is so much more common than commonly understood, isn’t being widely publicized by him (yet) so I’ll give a bit more reference to that… because it literally primes a Human’s perspective on life which determines trajectory of life’s . Just as early trauma (in childhood) sets people up for gravitating to experiencing dysfunction & more trauma later in life, so too does very-early trauma (Primal Period trauma) set people up for even deeper sensitivity & wounding by the childhood traumas they experience beyond the first year after birth.

So this seems to be relatively new, but frustratingly it’s not; there is more than 3/4 of a century of revelatory research. The people I became connected with many years ago were revealing this very-early trauma information through the Pre-&perinatal psychology lens of personal experience in their practices & publishing research on attachment (John Bowlby) & bonding/trauma research appeared in the literature in 1950 contributed to by Harry Harlow , & in the 1960s by James W. Prescott ,& Joseph Chilton Pearce / Ages & Stages) who inspired many many other pioneering scholars in the nascent field. I found this category of information through connection with independent Midwifery – instead of rockefeller/ConMed/obstetrics – for my own pregnancy & birth care.
When I found out I was pregnant, my first thought was “How am I gonna avoid going to the hospital over this?… there’s got to be another way.” (I previously mentioned earlier here my personally-well-rounded early awareness & deep-seated aversion to the ConMed beast; the corruption & fatal-flaw-failings are much more well-exposed by now – to those with eyes to see & ears to hear, anyway)
No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~Albert Einstein
“The power to question is the basis of all human progress.” ~ Gandhi

This is how Serendipity works: The power of a clear, pure, specific, and authentic question/request of Creator/the Cosmic Intelligence/Natural Law delivers an equally powerful answer, often delivered through one’s intuition or metaphorically/specifically in one’s Earthly surroundings. ((This is the basic mechanism of prayer, I believe, and also Deliberate Creation/Law of Attraction teachings; or should be – there are some incomplete & ineffective teachings around, so good Discernment is required))
“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ~ Albert Einstein

I was inspired/compelled, immediately upon pregnancy confirmation, to go – immediately – to a bookstore. I found there 3 books on Homebirth in the ‘indoctrinated-expert’-bloated ‘Childbirth’ section, and bought 2 of them: (Special Delivery by Rahima Baldwin, & The Homebirth Book book by Charlotte & Fred Ward). During that pregnancy, Robert Mendelssohn’s ‘MALe Practice’ book was published – an MD physician for decades by then – his chapter on childbirth confirmed the inherently disrespectful, risky/dangerous nature of medicalized/obstetric-based childbirth ‘care’ (the ‘medical model’) and the inherent wisdom of Human physiology, natural birth, & the ancient art of midwifery. Best reference I’ve ever found to understand the differences & implications of childbirth ‘choices’, which in turn heightens birth trauma awareness, is Medical & Cultural Anthropologist Robbie Davis Floyd’s work on defining & contrasting the difference between cultural childbirth rituals ( On Childbirth ;”… This entry appears in the Blackwell Dictionary of Anthropology. Thomas Barfield, ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1996 Childbirth is the work of women as they labor and bear down with their uterine muscles to push their babies from the private inner world of their wombs into the larger world of society and culture. Although childbirth is a universal fact of human physiology, where, how, with whom, and even when a woman gives birth are often culturally determined….”
Culture and birth “… Through the act of controlling birth, we disassociate ourselves with its raw power. Disassociation makes it easier to identify with our “civilized” nature, deny our “savage” roots and connection with indigenous cultures. Birth simultaneously encompasses the three events that civilized societies fear–birth, death, and sexuality….” ; Her Articles section contains her book references + many of her writings on this universally-relevant topic.
Such an enlightening & vast rabbit hole; every one of us has the experience of being born in common, yet we all experienced the event differently & carry the imprints in the fabric of our being & personality, for better or worse; great place to begin to understand ourselves & each other; not to mention Allie & her child. Please avail yourself.
It may seem counter-intuitive to realize his birth was very likely far less traumatic than most people’s… they were unattended (by indoctrinated experts) therefore the labor/birth process was probably spontaneous, unmolested, & uncomplicated, as nature designed it; clarity about that process would reveal & clarify the glaringly counter-intuitive nature of the medical rituals most motherbabies are sold & subjected to.

“Enlightenment is man’s release from his self-incurred tutelage. Tutelage is man’s inability to make use of his understanding without direction from another. Self-incurred is this tutelage when its cause lies not in lack of reason but in lack of resolution and courage to use it without direction from another. Sapere aude! ‘Have courage to use your own reason!’- that is the motto of enlightenment.”
~ Immanuel Kant, An Answer to the Question: What Is Enlightenment?

When you listen to the childhood-origin Complex Trauma presentations from the source linked above, & others – like Dr. Gabor Mate, who astutely describes addiction from it’s very roots thusly: “…It’s useful to look at the origin of the word, actually, which is a Latin phrase… in Roman times, when you owed somebody money and you couldn’t pay them back, you might have to become an indentured slave to that person. So an ‘addictus’ was somebody who was assigned to somebody else as a slave. So addiction, in it’s original meaning, has got this connotation of slavery about it….” ~Gabor Mate, MD (co-presenting a profoundly insightful segment here: ) –
understand that when those deprivation/abusive circumstances & events happen to begin in gestational life or anytime in the Primal Period, that needs to be discovered & resolved for deep healing to occur (Dr. Mate illustrates with a personal anecdote in which he experienced a spontaneous Primal-Period PTSD reaction/re-activation/triggering & release episode at his age 70yo; I say nobody has to carry an imprint like that lifelong!).

My favorite process is efficient & effective for the Primal Period traumas too, even when unrecognized or unknown; yet this is the deepest level (aside from Akashic level) and probably won’t surface first except cryptically/metaphorically – if one is working/processing their unique project backward through the layers of age/life/memory. Allie’s immediate postpartum behavior of spontaneously compelled action/abandonment demonstrated an example of recapitulation of trauma, rather than a “cryptic metaphor” demonstration. When one begins to work there, in Primal Period trauma, the project of healing complex trauma (and unavoidable/insurmountable/slavish patterns) is efficient in a concentrated way. By resolving the origin-event(s) of behavior/attitude/belief pattern(s), one eliminates the anchor keeping it alive; neutralize the ‘root’ so the entire ‘plant’ can no longer bear ‘fruit’; the ‘fruits’/later events are dissipated/resolved more easily or automatically (“root & branch” metaphor from Rebekah Demirel co-presenting with Gabor Mate, linked above).

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”  ~Galileo Galilei(1564 – 1642)

“Nature does nothing uselessly.” ~Aristotle

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to every one who is striking at the root.” –Henry David Thoreau

“Be tolerant of everyone and everything except evil. For tolerance of evil is unmerciful to the next victim.” ~ ?

Bonus: Joseph Chilton-Pearce mentions Howard Gardner & his ‘Multiple Intelligence’ work (in “Awakening Intelligence” at Ages & Stages above re: developing intelligence as opposed to intellect) – here is a free DIY Multiple Intelligence Survey to learn of your own dominant & under-developed learning channels; a quick assessment of your 9 learning channels in order of strength (JCP says a 10th, Spiritual Intelligence + this survey site says more may be added). Dominant = ‘you’re really good at this/learning this way… and non-dominant = you can develop & get get good at this/develop this/these learning channel/s’. I learned to teach & write curriculum for (“bad students”/traumatized people in adult vocational ed) classwork by this philosophy –

  • Everyone has all the intelligences!
  • You can strengthen each intelligence!
  • This inventory is meant as a snapshot in time – it can change!
  • MI is meant to empower, not label learners!” complete it honestly before you go farther into the menu & learn about it.
and here is the assessment
bottom of each page has links to the full menu, such as criteria for each, and…
stuff you can do now in each intelligence category
– go… explore it all… know yourself (& others) better 🙂
(FYI this is not an HG site, but is from his work)
(FYI, look around the good stuff is everywhere once you learn how to recognize it; example: the ‘Naturalist’ category has animal cams but no BirdCam… I did a search & found a bunch elsewhere anyway – so beautiful & enjoyable. For me it’s not for learning it’s a playful scene and feel-good, ambient sound – if I can’t sleep for example. I find birds lovely; my escape route & refuge was out into the wild hiding away far outside the house; a True Blessing I had access to Nature during my early development. Time in Nature is healing throughout life. I understand some how Allie preferred to live in woods – close to Mother Nature- rather than their house.

1 year ago
Reply to  AmaraGrace

I have not had a chance to read this yet, but I have saved it and I certainly will and will respond as soon as I’m able. My husband has been sick again the past two weeks and he’s just now well enough again I’m back to work, so it’s been very hectic. But I remain very grateful to you for all the resources and your extremely strong support and words, you cannot know how precious this is to me. I will respond probably after the weekend. YHWH bless you!!

1 year ago
Reply to  A E

You’re so very welcome… “It was a mere nothing combined with a terrific pleasure.” ~ Oliver Hardy
… and YOU are Precious too, so take it easy as much as you can… get some help taking care of yourself & him & the house, etc. for just a while… take a day off just for your rest & replenishment if it’s possible… be good to yourself in any & every way, especially by acknowledging what you feel & need frequently. Learning the process is the best stress-reliever I know of… It’s “one more thing” you’re being asked to do :-/ IKR! – but it will pay you back abundantly in energetic/re-energizing dividends & returns once begun.
Also read comments on that 1st link/new series above, some may interest you in particular.
Everyone’s complex trauma is bad… really bad… awful, terrible, very bad… egregiously hurtful – including your own; there is a continuum of degree of damage, from mild to severe. I consider everyone’s Truth as valuable information for better insight & compassion; prioritization of healing work is also unique for each of us (I found making it my way of life gave me a new life of purpose, with positive/win-win-win outcomes abundantly more often; not everyone needs to devote their life to it, it can be completed & that life-chapter closed) Our emotional bodies are what Truly connect us all – we have the emotional range, river, heights & depths in common – it’s why its so automatic that wounded/hurt people hurt & wound other people with total unawareness. Fish don’t even see the water.
Thank You for being so receptive & willing – YHWH said “Make like a Phoenix” when I was ready – Im sensing you’re feeling a similar invitation. 😀
Even though you’re the only one who can do it, you’re not alone; you’re in extremely good & powerfully positive company; they will start to appear in your local life.
YHWH Bless you too <3

1 year ago

‘Adopted’ is one key word to understanding this maternal outcome; it implies losing one’s mother (&father) and being raised by some substitute parent(s)… which is enormously traumatic & a major disconnect for the adoptee – “best choice” notwithstanding. An infant doesn’t understand conceptual “best choice”, they only understand that what is now (mother gone) is a threat to survival and that distorts the Primal Adaptive System development (brain development & especially decision-making; adoptees & foster children are disproportionately highly represented in US prison populations). This mother & baby are the product of a deeply imprinted pattern of successfully disrupted maternal behavior that has been in the works, imposed on Humanity by usurpers, since Childbed Fever was killing 50+% of woman giving birth attended by usurpers “for safety”.

A book titled “The Primal Wound” by Nancy Verrier (✓&query=th+eprimal+wound ) details how devastating “adoption” is in multiple ways (after many previous disruptions, typically), commonly experienced by an infant as abandonment… which is what this individual learned first as her core-imprint foundational belief about motherhood, apparently. I immediately wonder what drugs she was taking, if any… birthing in a tent so can’t accuse obstetric drugs specifically, but was she on some kind of psych meds, or street drugs to numb herself against her harsh conditions (fentanyl is both used in hospital for epidural anesthesia and is a readily available street drug)?… all are major contributors to maternal detachment from their infants. I linked some relevant references recently on a post here titled ‘

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” as published in Loomis’ Musical **And Masonic** Journal (1898) ” The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Is the Hand That Rules the World ” is a poem by William Ross Wallace that praises motherhood as the preeminent force for change in the world. The poem was first published in 1865 under the title “What Rules the World”.
((praises?… or reveals the necessary target for the usurpation of Humanity))

Offline dinosaur
Offline dinosaur
1 year ago

Mental disorder.

1 year ago

Unresolved trauma

1 year ago

She has a history of mental issues from being a child and has been homeless for years. She was also adopted.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rosey

Sorry this is a dupe as my first post fell into approval.

1 year ago

*Adopted* daughter of a famous man; innate mothering programming was obviously disrupted & distorted early in her life if she requires substitute parenting. Most people have no idea that adopted & foster children (mother/parent-child-bond-disrupted) are disproportionately highly represented in the US prison population; decision-making capacity is negatively impacted by the major disruption of parental abandonment. Odds are good she was abandoned by her own mother in infancy (by whatever circumstance matters not) and compulsively repeated the imprinted pattern; imprinted in her own child now.

1 year ago

I lived right up the street where this took place (literally less than 50 yards where I reside). There’s been a drug problem around her for the the better part of a decade. I had found a homeless gentleman frozen dead under my dryer vent back in Feb. 13′ Our community has been flooded with cheap opiates.

1 year ago

The substitute parents – fully believing they did such a stellar job of raising their first abandoned infant to an exemplary, high-functional adulthood also fully believe they are, naturally & of course, the best-suited people to, in like fashion, apply their infallible aptitude, methods & experience to raise another abandoned infant with greater success – are now filing for custody of Allie’s abandoned infant, so they can repeat their ‘successful” substitute parenting program and continue their ultra-virtuous family legacy. Without question (“… privacy please”)
(because – Duh! – they are related to another abandoned infant by the sacred & unquestionable bond of ink squiggles on pieces of paper filed away somewhere, bought & paid for).

That fits the sick sick sick pattern of for-profit delusions around “adoption as a panacea” in both lay people and institutional policy. With their wealth & social status/clout, they will likely prevail in the courts…. by reiterating the same gas lighted/gas lighting rhetoric they absolve & promote themselves with: “As a family, we have been devoted to her health and wellbeing. We have given her unconditional love, nurturing and support….We have left no stone unturned in seeking the help, resources, programs and professionals she has needed throughout her life….”  The reality of the results, however, clearly belie the rhetoric’s accuracy & effect.
This pattern has enormous momentum and there are myriad mechanisms in place that have perpetuated it.

As Goethe once aptly remarked, ” There is nothing more terrible than ignorance in action.”

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

“You can ignore reality, but you can´t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”
 ~ Ayn Rand

We’re entreated to feel sympathy for & support the substitute parents –
“…We are in the process of filing a guardianship petition so that we may receive information and have decision making with respect to Allie’s son.We thank you for your support and prayers for this beautiful, innocent baby boy. We hope people understand what an agonizing situation this is and we respectfully ask for privacy….”

nary a word about what agony ‘their daughter’ might be going through/must have been in/maybe has been in her entire life that brought her to this apex event; as per usual.
I feel an Amicus Brief coming on… Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

I crave Justice… and this is, imo, what it would look like for this coincidentally-famous-family:
Trauma-informed parenting immediately & long-term could break the cycle during early development for this boy & recalibrate his life’s trajectory; I learn from pioneers in the field, and from work with people who are doing it successfully – by recognizing & resolving their own traumas, recognizing their child’s behavior, and responding appropriately to facilitate healing. What a concept.
Meanwhile Allie gets a full, Wholistic trauma-resolution & recalibration process for the duration of her next incarceration. The Substitute parents are required by the court to undergo the same extended, in-depth process, except… beginning with a sample stint in psychiatric lockdown, for evaluation of their own “mental fitness/illness” for their own edification on the experience they imposed on their ward/child (words don’t teach, experience teaches); followed by identification of their own unresolved traumas & actual needs for resolution & that Wholistic process occurs.
Literally one generation of this quality of trauma-resolution-oriented “Justice” would transform our collective plight.

As Associate Vigilant Citizens, IMO we all benefit profoundly by also being vigilant to solutions – in addition to the accurate definitions of Humanity’s literally imposed problems’ & malfunctions’ causes. So…
defining & describing Trauma, Complex Trauma, Complex PTSD, the causes, & Effective Remediation…

*Read* – up to & including the table of contents here: (Break the Cycle is a Free DIY comprehensive online course – good definitions to increase conscious awareness)
*Listen* – Complex Trauma New Thoughts 2/4 – YouTube from an extensive archive on trauma & recovery; No.1 is less specific, 3 & 4 are ‘members only content’ the entire archive is a goldmine of lucid information AND here is a more specific series re: complex trauma in 8pts on a playlist; There is also a series titled “Sixty Characteristics of Complex Trauma” you’ll find by exploring their archive if you want even more
*A Solution-oriented* educator, successfully demonstrated & documented facilitation for many years: (read his book+)
*Bonus*: Dhamma Brothers
Successful-results of Vipassana prison programs for positive-self-change:
“… In the nameless, faceless, anonymity of prison life, where daily life is ordered around social control and punishment, The Dhamma Brothers construct an alternative social identity based on brotherhood and spiritual development.”
AND Changing from the Inside – A Film by David Donnenfield is 2nd on that same page**((One of my Soul-Sisters successfully petitioned her University to credit her (independent) Vipassana course towards her/their MSW degree program for the first time ever. It’s a thing… and astonishingly, the intensive courses are always entirely free to anyone – solidly booked with waiting lists)
I have a lot more solution-oriented information to share; I’ve covered a lot of ground searching for my own effective solution(s) and know it’s all valuable for someone.

“The only limits are, as always, those of vision.”
~ James Broughton

All that said…at the same time I fully know & Trust every individual’s Earthly path is their own according to Divine Purpose, and Omniscient, Omnipotent, & Omnipresent Creator is the absolute arbiter of all outcomes. Perhaps this boy will be the angel who wakes up the ignorant multi-millionaire substitute parents & many others by ultimately inspiring self-reflection & humility. The obvious metaphor of his birth on Christmas Day in what very closely mirrors a humble stable, is in Cosmic alignment with another renowned high-frequency being who was, ostensibly on the same day, born to die for the sins of others… he may also be sacrificed like that for Higher Purpose. A modern day Passion Play is occurring.

Everything is Possible. The direction in which we choose to aim our life force energies with intention is the most possible… fully aligning with authentic Truth & Unconditional Love while doing it makes the purely-intended possibilities probable.