Fauci suggested FBI be warned about possible lab leak before he dismissed hypothesis (

Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested in early 2020 that the FBI and MI5 might need to be warned about the possibility COVID-19 emerged from a Wuhan lab before publicly arguing shortly thereafter the virus most likely originated in nature.

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1 year ago

Maybe it is both lab and nature. Something like a wet market is a perfect open air incubator to mutate germs. Animals from different ecosystems are placed unnaturally in proximity to each other so their attendant microorganisms can interact in ways they would not in the wild. How diabolically brilliant to situate a bio lab right near one, to observe and scoop up the day’s special new recipe and develop it further. Let nature start the boil and the lab make the tea.

1 year ago
Reply to  Fleurdamour

That’s a very keen insight, Fleur. They usually lie in the way of attorneys – never overtly or in ways which may be simply proven false, there is just enough truth to their splicing to toe the line to be declared true, in a sense…