TikTok’s Chinese platform enriches kids while US version dumbsthem down: report (

“So it’s almost like they recognize that technology’s influencing kids’ development, and they make their domestic version a spinach version of TikTok, while they ship the opium version to the rest of the world.”

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Airplane Clouds
Airplane Clouds
1 year ago

This is the method they use for schooling and the news.
Compartmentalized and divided.

1 year ago

“The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” (Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt; 1999) AND
“Soviets in the Classroom” — first published in 1989 — is an important piece of work which outlines the agreements made between our government and the ((communists)) Soviets with regard to education. Included is a timeline **starting from the 1930s on**, which lists important events related to this transformation.