Kanye: "All artists are controlled"

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1 year ago

Matthew 12:25-26

The words are translated without considering how the spacing has been imposed. Under the original translation lies:

“Every kingdom from the land between two waters (The caucus Mountains between the campaign and black seas, and previously Atlantis) established by the spirit of contemplation on the mountain (a reference to the mystery school priests from cult centers in the mountains originating in the Caucasus and Himalayas then controlling kingdoms), is brought to desolation.

And every city or tribe, from the land between the two waters, established from contemplation on the mountain, shall not be upheld.

And if the adversary, the one who causes existence (SAT) of creation (TA) of Destruction (NAS), spits fire upon himself, his light scorching this mount, then how shall he stand?”

The double reference in the texts to the context of Satanas splitting himself or “dividing against himself,” is a reference to the false duality concepts imposed by Luciferianism, the two faces of Janus, and of course the two sides of Venus, morning and evening star. The entire statement being a reference to how the many of many faces always self annihilates.

1 year ago

im still not sure how to view this whole kanye thing

1 year ago

West is and always be puppeteered by Jews. Think of this angle, what if he’s just being paid and whipped to throw this angle to create hysteria among the masses so Jews throw us all into the camp?

Why do you NPC’s even give that gorilla a chance is beyond me, he’s never been our guy and just because he suddenly agrees on 1 topic doesnt make him right. The monkey is literally married to a hoe who associates with know child traffickers and promotes clothing lines that promote pedophilia & child sacrafice.

Screw every American Celebrity. Let them talk, but don’t consume it. You’re a fool if you do. Stick to your own guns, we don’t need West to change the world. Don’t forget what BLM did to it.

I want groids and Jews dead, West is one of them, understand? The chimphe actually thinks he’s some kind of intellectual, he talks like Joe Biden and nods it off like Moses said it.

I’ve had enough of that immense r****d West. We don’t need groids to fight this for us.