Hundreds of former Israeli surveillance agents hold top roles at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon – LifeSite (

Veterans of Israel’s Intelligence Unit 8200 take their ‘surveillance experiment in Palestine’ to the broader world.

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1 year ago

What a surprise (sarcasm abounds)………back in power. A higher up in the organization – who follows orders………….ever looked up or heard of, “Finks Bar diatribe 1990” by Netanyahu about sucking America dry? At over 10 MILLION a day that we send this country……you might think we could use it for our own veterans living on the streets or our homeless and hungry………but noooooooooo……….America needs to feed her own family and needs first, then help others. This country we are speaking about is “sucking us dry”. Use duckduckgo or brave or startpage, NOT GOOGLE as you won’t find anything. God bless you. America is the chosen people although this certain country would have you brainwashed otherwise. They still will not acknowledge Jesus as being sent by God, America was and is founded on spiritual principles. WE ARE THE ONES. God be with you, and bless you and yours. (*click on any images to enlarge to read details).

Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 08-24-00 Biden Has Yet to Call Netanyahu to Congratulate on Israeli Election Win.png
1 year ago

Yep I was coming into adulthood during the www boom. TV was saying that “so many random new people are becoming rich from having a website” and to this day touted the people who started Facebook, Amazon, etc as just normal every-day people who just happened to have a good idea. I learned real fast when I was actually trying to start a career in websites that it wasn’t for the “little people” instead for the “pre-chosen ones”. So many instances of this still happen in so many fields. Media, politics, anyone who serves as a “poster child”, activism etc.