Disney Marvel Race Swapping X-Men To Remove White Characters (

When the X-Men come to the MCU, Disney, Marvel, and Kevin Feige will be race-swapping various characters to remove white characters from the team.

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Wonderman is lame, but I can see them replacing Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine due to cost and his age.

They’ll probably replace Wolverine with his teenage schoolgirl female clone X-23.
-Plus when introduced she was a prostitute that specialized in being the target of sadomasochistic clients. So bonus points for adding the sex worker back story.

They are just trying to drive it all into the ground.
In 2024 they are finally introducing Blade (a Black vampire hunter) into the MCU and the director tried for a year to fix it before recently leaving. The plot is the basically the first Underworld movie and he dies and his daughter takes over by the end.
Oh, spoiler.

1 year ago

I can’t wait to see an overweight non-white trans superhero. It will have all the marks of wokeism.